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Water Parks

I’ve not been to a water park in far too long. I was watching TV the other night and there was a show on with a water parks from around the US and Canada.  I used to love going to water park when I was little, I think I need to get to a water park this summer before it’s over, although without sounding like I’m 70, rides these days aren’t what they used to be, but its a good thing. They are way more intense than when I was a nipper.  Ironically probably way safer now though….

Sunshine, chlorine, over priced sugar based drinks. Awesome.

Here are some to check out;

Summit Plummit, Blizzard Beach, Florida

The Mega Wedgie (no seriously thats its name)

Bomb Bay, Wet N Wild, Florida


Fat man? Getting there.

My belly is growing exponentially.  I have an addiction and it’s to food.

If it was crack, booze heroin I would be in a bad way and a statistic that you don’t want to know about.  Instead its food, a far more socially acceptable addiction.

Not junk food, not health food, not exotic food just food and consuming vast quantities of it. Most people stop eating when they start to feel full, I seem to keep eating till I am at the point I can’t stand up straight.  Ok so that’s not totally true  (although it does happen) but when I am away with work and I don’t get to cook for myself , I’m not paying for anything I end up eating way more than I should.   I can be making my way for breakfast going over and over in my head that I am just going to have cereal, if I’m still hungry then I am going to have a piece of fruit after.  Easy. Presented with the food options I’ll stuff my face with a variety of things and then come away wondering what happened.

Gluttony thats what.

I need to get an addiction to the gym pretty quickly otherwise my motto of

‘To eat is human to pig out divine’

Will see me wearing clothes that I could share with a hippo, and a heart bypass will follow.


The first wordless Wednesday for a while, a pic from my garden.


The A-Team, a movie and a childhood

When I was young my parents banned me from watching the TV series the A Team.  Apparently my behaviour at school had become a bit difficult for the teachers to control the blame fell to the A Team.  Luckily Hannibal et al had instilled in me a sense of courage to fight injustice when charged of a crime I didn’t commit.   Well maybe I was a little shit at school but no more than any other kid, I was just getting caught.

Moral of the story, when your 9 years old don’t get caught for the dumb stuff you do.

Fast forward 20 years and the show of yesteryear has made a big screen come back, filled with some big names, faces and a lot of explosives. Though it doesn’t instil in me the need to disrupt a colouring in session, it does fit the bill as a popcorn movie, with enough nods to the original but equally enough room for the story to be modernized and enjoyed by a new generation who will only know of the original by name.

The main thing I can say about the film is that it is substantially better than Sylvain White‘ s attempt at getting an A team style movie made in the Losers.  The only real losers in that while sorry mess are the people who pay to see it.

A night of standup comedy

I went to an amateur stand up night recently, didn’t catch the whole show as I was waiting on my meal to arrive at a nearby restaurant for around a millennium.  Hey ho, it tasted good when it finally arrived and as the guy working the door at the comedy club had already wandered down stairs to catch the show himself I saved the admission fee.  Every cloud eh.

Of the 4 acts that I saw I think that the worst of them had the potential to best, blatantly suffering from less stage time than the others he’s still finding his rhythm but his material and humour was superior to the others. Reasons;

  • Stand up guy 1. Although funny, too much of his humour was based around delivering lines in a camp baby voice that would have been funny once but most of the time it made no sense to be using it with the lines. He just knew it sounded a bit funny so kept using it.
  • Stand up guy 2.  Couple of funny lines but was always on a downward spiral after he tried to inject some BNP style humour to the evening.  Not really good enough to entertain some drunken people at a bus stop let alone a room in a comedy venue.
  • Stand up guy 3. Stage presence was down cold, obviously used to the circuit but had no links between one part of his humour and the next.  Also had a lot of anger issues and after threatening to ram the mic stand up some guys ass continued to tell him to fuck off even when there was no need. I have a sneaky suspicion I have heard some of his material before although I’ve never seen him perform……possibly the biggest of all stand up sins.

Looking forward to going to another night soon though!

Collapse; A tale of the end of the world and paranoia

Ever seen the movie Collapse? I’d never even heard of it before but ended up watching it just the other day.  It’s a weird tale of one mans take on the world around him, truth be told a paranoid and negative view of the world around him.  It would be fair to say that the protagonist Michael Ruppert needs a big hug.

I don’t mean that to sound as condescending as it comes across, but I genuinely think that this guy needs someone to give him a hug let him know that all isn’t lost and that the world is not as bad as he thinks. Although he would argue, I am sure, that it is as bad as he thinks.

Here’s a guy who got dealt a shitty hand when he worked in the LAPD 40 years ago, apparently discovering CIA involvement in a drug deal he got shown the door by his paymasters. His life long quest for justice now has him believing that former president George Bush and Dick Cheney are personally out to get him, that he is one of the few people that can save mankind and that his quest is a kin to that of someone who was able to predict the rise of the third Reich and try and stop it.  In short he is on a personal mission to save us from our own self inflicted holocaust.

There is no escaping some of the points Michael Ruppert makes, I just don’t think they are that radical. I don’t know anyone who believes that the oil reserves will last forever, everyone knows it’s a finite resource.  The difference is most people aren’t freaking out about it or hold the belief that the end of oil will result in a Mad Max style apocalyptic world sometime next week.

Likewise with the revelation that the world was going to see a recession wasn’t all that out of the blue, by his own admission everything comes in cycles, I’d bet my house that the western world will see another, and another and another. That’s just the way of things.

It’s a watchable tale, well pieced together, low budget indeed but still better than a lot of movies that try to be cleverer. Its sets the scene introduces you to Michael Ruppert lets him say his piece and leaves you the viewer to decide how right, wrong, mental or interesting he really is.

Why hello there Mister blog

Having been away with work I’ve been in a world with no internet access for nearly a month. I’m currently wide awake in the wrong timezone for my body trying to get home, its a 2 day task but I’m halfway through, and when I get there I have unlimited free internet access again rather than overpriced airport hotel access that I have now.

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