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Conundrum solved

Turns out my day off wasn’t wasted, after a lot of sitting around I took the dog for a run and stepped it up a bit and knocked out my first 10km run of the year. I have my eye on a 10km race at the end of next month but work commitments mean I’m 99% sure to be out of town.

I think having that at the back of my mind means I’ve slacked off my running a bit, but despite the spring showers I still went out and clocked a time that won’t win any medals, but is a bit quicker than I thought I would have got before I set off. I won’t embarrass myself by posting it on here, but I think, in fact I know I can shave minutes rather than seconds off it,so I have a new challenge to keep me motivated.



I haven’t run in over a week.  I my defence I’ve hopped over to the other side of the world and I’ve been working 12 hr days. The 13hr time difference and heavy work load have left me wanting to sleep not run.  I think though, today is the day I break the lethargic cycle and actually do some running.

Now if I can just find my motivation…..

Fantastic 5 on Friday: Exercise

This week I have been mentally preparing for the fact the that I need to get myself back in shape.  As as motivational nudge in my slightly gelatinous ribs I have used this weeks Fantastic 5 on Friday to remind myself why, with the 5 best reasons to exercise. 

Better sleep. The most important of all the reasons for me as I’m a really light sleeper, and part time insomniac. A swim, run or even just a decent walk during the day makes such a difference in helping me switch off when my head hits the pillow. You can be mentally tired beyond belief but without a bit of physical fatigue you’re not going to achieve the same quality of a snooze.

Live longer. Ok a notwithstanding a terrible accident whilst you exercise (BASE jump and it as exercise at your own risk!) the health benefits are well documented of the improvement and health to individuals who partake in regular exercise. It’s not about running marathons daily, just doing something that works the heart and lungs a little bit will pay dividends as the years roll along.

If you don’t want to live longer, then this probably isn’t the blog for you.

Look better. Love maybe blind but the share holders at Victoria’s Secret seem to be profiteering through the recession none the less. The bottom line is no matter how much we tell each other that were are not shallow enough to care about looks on some level we do. What I will say is that we all have our take on what is a god body shape and there is a world of difference between someone who mutilates themselves with plastic surgery and steroids to try and obtain beauty and someone who realizes that slightly less overhang on their jeans looks a touch better when they want to look good.

Not forgetting the fact they are fresher faced from a good night’s sleep as mentioned in 1 😉

More motivation and energy. Seems somewhat backwards and unrealistic to say that by doing more you end up with more energy and motivation but its true. The most productive I have ever been in my life was when I was training for a 10k.

Sense of achievement. Whether it is good old fashioned ‘lighter on the scales’ you are looking for or maybe it’s just moving the belt notch in one as the body weight is better distributed through your frame, maybe its shaving some time off a specific distance that at one stage you never thought you would be able to run/cycle/row.

The moment you do reach that goal is a great sense of achievement and as at the end of the day whatever help you have been given fundamentally YOU have achieved it and deserve all the praise you give yourself.

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