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So, what now?

I think I’m a bit old for a quarter life crisis and a bit young for a mid life crisis, but after working a silly amount of hours yesterday non stop (22 if you’re interested) I’m starting to think I need to step back take a breath and revaluate my situation.

I’m not going on a crazy soul searching mission, and I don’t expect to jack it all in and go live in a commune in the woods, but a while back now I left nearly everything behind with not a lot other than the women I love and off we set on an adventure in a new country. We had ambitions of doing more with our lives than we would have done if we’d just continued on our career paths where we were. Now I just seem to be working loads, primarily just so I can buy more ‘stuff’.

I didnt really think I was the ‘stuff buying’ type.

Dont get me wrong I love my surround sound system, cranking it up with new tunes (Broken Bells is the latest random purchase) or even better with a good movie blaring out, but I’m not convinced that dialling the volume up to 11 was really the height of the adventure I imagined. I think deep down the slap in the face that was being laid off in 2008 has left me with a fear that I need to work hard and attain some sort of financial security, which is sensible. But where is the end?

I’m not fussed about being different or standing out from the crowd, I’m just fussed for being happy and I think I’m having a wee crisis of conscious that I need to revaluate  what creates that happiness for me, and not necessarily tow the party line of 2 cars in the garage and a freshly mowed lawn. The last 2 years have just whizzed by, literally, I fell like things are just picking up pace and passing me by. Whilst I’m not looking for a complete stand still I think a bit of a slower pace is in order while I take stock.



Fantastic Five on Friday, the redux

I used to run a series on the blog called “Fantastic Five on Friday” despite there being plenty of fantastic things in the world I really ran out of worthwhile list themes to use, well they did have to be fantastic. So the other side of the proverbial coin is to list things that aren’t fantastic, and a new list series is born, I give you the “Not Fantastic Five on Friday”

Due to the brian wave of this series hitting me while I was having a shitty cup of tea, the title of the first ever list is “Crappy cups of tea “.

Crappy cups of tea

  • UHT milk. Is there a surer way to ruin a good cup of tea than adding this filth? I understand the need for UHT milk in the world, just not in my cup of tea, thanks.
  • Split tea bag. If you notice you’re fine, failure to spot the leaves floating around in there when you take a slurp and I hope your on your own and can spit it back out.
  • Too much sugar. I can handle a bit of sugar in tea, if I’m honest I think that a quarter teaspoon is the perfect amount. Have you ever been made a cuppa by a do gooder but they put a dessert spoon sized mound of sugar in there? Its like drinking bad tasting syrup.
  • Too weak. Perhaps it should be a number one, but if the tea bag is whipped out too soon then its more hot water and milk than anything else.
  • You thought this was going to be “too strong” huh. Well it’s not, I’ve never had a cup of tea I class as too strong so I can’t add it to the list. Instead “cold’ hits the spot. Or it doesn’t, and that’s the point. Forget yourself in a movie, book or even a blog and let the temperature drop too far and cup of steaming glory becomes something unpalatable (unless you add ice and take out the milk somehow).
Have a good weekend!

Best piece of advice I ever received;

If you like doing something do it more.  If you don’t like doing it, do it less.  There ain’t nothing more to life than that.

Random but true.

You learn something every day if you pay attention (Ray LeBlond)

So I’m considering my life options at the moment. Not so much a quarter life crisis (think, and I stress think, I’m over that) more of a concerted effort to roll with the punches and change things up a little.  I’m attempting to turn something I really love to do into something that maybe, just maybe I can make a little bit of money from. 

Like most people in their twenties I have had various jobs over the years, some good some bad, some I learnt important lesson from others that taught me nothing.  From paper rounds to writing policies in the office it has been a fairly varied path but now I’m doing something completely different, taking a different path and turning something I spend my free time doing and my daydreams well daydreaming about into something more. 

I’m training to be a snowboard instructor.

Ok so the daydreams are about snowboarding not instructing but I’ve been able to snowboard for years and never considered teaching other people how to snowboard as something I would ever do.   Sure maybe taking a friend up the mountain and teaching them the basics so they could try something new, but now I’m seeing it slightly differently, seeing the potential for more.  

I figure with the world and its recession going to hell in handbag maybe I’ll get off the ride for a bit and do something fun.  Just for 18 months or so, I figure I have earned it.  Maybe.

So that’s the plan spend the next few days boosting my education in something I enjoy, then packing the bags heading west and trying to make enough money to not go hungry (ok maybe by a few beers too), meet some new people (to laugh and enjoy the ride with) and have a few experiences that I’ll enjoy telling my friends about at a later date but hope that any future kids I have never find out.  

The best part about all this is it all stems from once upon a time years ago when someone gave me a snowboard lesson.

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