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I found a…..


I don’t think anyone had lost it, but I’m chuffed all the same.

Cape Breton


Dog walk wildlife

Out walking the dog the other morning I came across this fella blocking my path, with a little gentle encouragement he dissapeared back of into the long grass. Its the first ‘live’ one I’ve seen all summer, the others crossed the road at the wrong time.

I only had my iphone rather than my Nikon, but I still think it came out alright.

Noisy wildlife

While I don’t know for sure if this little guy is the culprit from the other morning, I’m far happier that he’s using the feeder to fill him self up rather than hammering into the house.


London Marathon

I have continued my tradition of opting not to compete in any marathons this year, I would like to run in a 10k again and if I pull my finger out and do some training that may happen.  I did get sent this little pic of signs that had been put up round the London marathon route.

Beer Pic

Opposed to the beer lady in the previous post, here is one of the actual bottle you should be looking for, flanked by 2 other tasty options; Monthy Python’s Holy Grail Ale on the left &Flying Dog Brewery Kerberos Triple on the right.


Caribbean Caterpillar

Absolutely loved my week in the sunshine, I actually thought I may blog a bit while I was there but rum punch and lying on a beach got in the way. I did spot and photograph this monster Caribbean caterpillar in the garden of where I was staying though.

80 Gigapixel picture of London

I came across a 80 gigapixel photograph of London today, its pretty impressive and you can check it our here.  Not only is it pretty awesome in its own right but you can also spin round as its a 360 degree photo too, and apparently is a world record.  Not too shabby.

Its made possible by stitching together 8000 individual photographs, and as such there is room for some weird looking doubles. If for example you check out the long straight road to the left of the BT tower (10 points to anyone who tells me what the name of the road is) and take a look just outside Pret a Manger you’ll spot this;

Either there is some kind of Doctor Who episode going on in London or the lady in the picture is there twice, it doesnt seem to happen much in the picture but with a keen eye you can spot them.

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