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Smile. Natural or cosmetic?

My girlfriend has an awesome smile; it was one of the many things that I instantly liked about her before I had even spoken to her.

I also remember being about 12 and put on the spot on what I liked about a certain girl I replied ‘Her teeth’ this was hilarious to everyone else, what meant was obviously her smile , I just kind of fumbled over the words a bit.

All these years later and I still think that a winning smile is a wonderful thing to have, but I don’t actually have one myself. While I don’t look like a hillbilly I know that my smile could be improved, teeth a little straighter, a little whiter.

I think that perhaps Austin Powers has a lot to answer for, as a Brit expat living in North America I think my smile paranoia has been growing.  Would getting work on the smile over and above fillings etc be tantamount to  cosmetic surgery?  Would the quest for a set of perfect pearly whites make me akin to nothing more than himbo similar to Pammy and her double D’s?

Hmm, for now I’ll just reach for my electric toothbrush and floss regularly…..


Hitman the movie

I watched the movie Hitman last night.  I’ve never played the game but it came across as one of the better video game adaptations, but lets be honest with ‘gems’ like  Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, Alone in the Dark  and Dungeon Siege a Knights Tale, it was never going to be a tough ask to not be bottom of the pile.

In short if you like a movie with some action, some espionage, some boobs and a bit of firepower it ticks all the boxes. It won’t change your life but there are way worse movies out there.

One thing I did notice is that I don’t quite get (maybe a missed something) is that Dougray Scott’s character has ciggys in his mouth at various points in the movie but he never lights them. Ever.  It may be a healthier way of smoking but it looks daft.

Crappy fake headphones

Having posted about both my new music purchase and using my Nike+ I thought I’d post about the loose link in the chain between the 2, the headphones.  Ok so I know, before you even say it I know. If I buy cheap stuff off ebay I cant be surprised when it turns out to be crappy and I hold my hands up, I tried to buy cheap.

So the ‘genuine’ headphones I opted for were sennheiser cx380 sports headphones (as seen in the pic).  I figured that even if they were fakes the price they were meant it was just the same as buying a normal pair of cheap headphones, which they  pretty much are.  Am I happy?  Nope.  Previously I owned a pair of Creative ear buds, and the difference in quality is staggering.  I mean the main thing is I bought the Creative ones from a shop and not some faceless interent dude, but now since I have experienced better sound and know how much better my ipod can be I know I have to spend the money and get a decent pair again.

If you have only ever listened to your mp3 player with standard headphones, as in the ones you get with it, I would highly recommend checking out what it can do with a better set of headphones, just don’t try and get some on the cheap!

Nike + my way to 30k

Its the time of year when I should start making goals for 2011, but I have decided to go a little bit more short sighted than that.  Right now I need to kick start my running routine, which in turn should help kick start my whole fitness regime.  I unfortunately get stuck working miles away from home on a regular basis and it makes sticking to routines difficult, however it does seem like I will be in one spot for the next 30 days or so so I’m using this time to set a Nike + goal of 30km ran in 30 days. It should be easy enough, but I’ll be swapping in other exercise days in to my schedule to try and burn off some off the excess weight I have been piling on.

Bah Humbug

Having to unexpectedly spend Christmas thousands of miles away from friends and family and hundreds of miles from the closest pub means I am vetoing Christmas this year.

Yours grumpily


Chemical Brothers album ‘Further” review

Well over due for a new album in my life I optioned for the latest in a line of 7 studio albums from The Chemical Brothers “Further”.

I have been a Chemical Brothers fan for a long while, I cant say I was listening to them when their first album “Exit Planet Dust” was released back in 1995 but “Dig Your Own Hole” picked up shortly after its release was a favourite of mine for a long time, and truth be told probably still is.

So how do I feel about “Further”?  I thinks its very impressive, a tried and tested recipe of techno textures and mind-tilting psychedelia mixed up in a way that only Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons know how. My track of choice is number 2, Escape Velocity, nearly 12 minutes long and large chunks of that time are spent building and building waiting for the beat to drop and release a sense of euphoria that can only really be brought with this type of music and willingness to dance like a mad man and enjoy yourself. For me it definitely has undertones of The Who’s Bubba O’Reilly, which as one of my most loved Who tracks probably influences my choice here.

The albums content may not enough to take the number one spot in the thoughherders list of Chemical Brothers albums, but its certainly worth every penny of the itunes download price. I do think that I missed a beat in not downloading the iTunes pass version with accompanying videos, having seen the Chemical Brothers live at festivals I’m sure the visuals would be impressive but my current internet set up while out of country and on the road means it took over and hour just to download the audio.

My present situation also means I am listening to the album through my mac/Ipod and my muchocheapo headphones which I bought off eBay, I am really looking forward to getting this blasting through my stereo back home, as this is truly an album worth turning up to 11.

Nearly wordless Wednesday; Todays view

Closest thing I am getting to a Christmas tree this year.

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