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Dark Knight Rises, new trailer


When the first of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies was released I was pretty unfazed, I didn’t go see it while it was in the movie theatres I waited and caught it at home after months of people telling me that Batman Begins was different from most comic book adaptations.

Fast forward a couple of years and I did make the effort to see The Dark Knight when it was released to theatres, having eventually enjoyed Batman Begins, I even went so far as to see it at the IMAX.

Now, for the final part of the trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, will I go see it at the cinema?  Yeah I think I will for no other reason than to see how they have turned Catwoman into an Occupy Wall street protester as alluded to in the trailer.

Well kind of.


The times they are a changing

Anyone with an astute eye will notice that I haven’t yet managed to get my blog organised enough to have a tab for movies this year, or even post my top 5 movies from last year.  Its coming, I just decided that I want to change the look of the blog too, and I ont want to rush that.   The layout as it is was put together when I hadn’t posted a blog in my life, I liked this template and it worked well with a picture I had taken down in the woods overlooking the ocean on a particularly thoughtful day.  It tied in well with my blog name.

However I think like all brown leaves eventually do, its time for them to fall and a bit of a Spring shake up is on the way, complete with new pics and a new template.

Renting DVDs

I dont know about you but whenever I go to rent a DVD I end up spending ages looking and then end up getting something totally random.  There are loads of movies that I want to see but when faced with a huge selection I decided that ‘Hmm, not really in the mood for that tonight‘ and select something I have never even heard of.

On the one hand its a great way to see random films but on the other it just seems a bit weird.

Film festival in town for a few days

There is a film fest in town and I’ve scored a free pass.  Sweet.

The company I work for sponsors the event and as everyone is busy I’m holding on to the pass until someone asks for it back.  I have an afternoon with no plans so I figure I’ll just watch as much as possible and hopefully see something I enjoy and that I wouldn’t necessarily have picked out normally.

Fingers crossed.

‘Your fun is only limited by your imagination’

I had planned to watch Dexter last night and was gearing up for some serial killer style TV, when someone put on ‘Bedtime Stories’ a relatively recent Adam Sandler movie about a hotel handyman that tells his niece and nephew crazy and imaginative bed time stories that begin to magically come true.

I really enjoyed the early Adam Sandler stuff like Happy Gilmore but I haven’t even bothered looking at a trailer for ‘You don’t mess with Zohan’. I wasn’t sure how his comedy would work in a children’s movie, so much of his stuff he centered on being really angry, so I thought I’d watch and find out.

To be honest, I really enjoyed it. Predominantly what this movie does is set its self free from any common sense and takes the audience along for the ride, basically tapping into the idea that a child imagination is a wonderful thing and that through it anything can happen. Sometimes movies can take this line and in the end you just get something sappy, whimsical and crap but in this instance I’m happy to say this wasn’t the case.

It visits medieval England, the Wild West, outer space and finds time to have a character living in a shoe with a nasty case of athletes face. If you are an Adam Sandler fan there is still enough of his style to appreciate, you just have to realize that you are sharing the actor with a much younger audience than usual, I think in my mind it’s a good step for him as potentially it opens up a new audience for him, and I for one am more interested in watching his movies again.

I don’t have any kids, but if I did I think they would really dig the movie it has elements of magic and silly in just the right amounts.

A tale of 3 movies

I’ve watched 3 movies in the last 24hrs; yes that is how busy I have been. One was picked by someone else and the other two by me. None of them however were movies I was itching to see, more a case of I’ll stick this on and see what it’s like.

First up (and the one not chosen by me) was How to Lose Friends and Alienate people. I’m not sure why I had avoided this one as its main star is one of my favorite current British actors, Simon Pegg.

I don’t think that it’s his performances alone that make him stand out so much as the material and roles that he normally picks. From Big Train, to Star Trek and Spaced to Shaun of the Dead he has made me laugh in each. I didn’t laugh at his role in Dr Who, but then I don’t think I was supposed to.

In this tale Pegg is the story’s main character and is plucked from running a small English magazine by a powerful American magazine owner and asked to go work in New York amongst the glitz glamour and high society that he normally writes so scornfully about. I’m not sure how much of a parody of Megan Fox’s life her character was, or if she realized that she was in essence taking the piss out of her current situation, but the requirement to smile, act dumb and pretty was dutifully met. Though not stretched Kirsten Dunst played her part of aspiring writer stuck in a world of gloss and glam well also.

Overall worth a watch and had some laugh out loud moments. I may be giving it more praise than it deserves purely as I thought it would be dire. 2nd place amongst the 3.

Secondly I watched Echelon conspiracy. I’ll keep this as short as possible otherwise you’ll read a lot of negativity.

Utter piss. From bad acting, to stupid story continuity gaps, being badly cast, badly scored, possibly the most pointless sex scene ever in a movie and just all-round garbage. If you want to watch a movie about the danger of computer intelligence watch Eagle eye as a better alternative released at a similar time or stick terminator on again.

Out of the 3 movies it comes in 4th as not watching a movie takes 3rd place.

Lastly I watched Apocalypto. Again I had no real desire to watch this movie and again I’m not sure why. I suppose that there is a part of me that thinks Mel Gibson, although great as an actor in 80s-90s action flicks has a habit of being too liberal with the truth and facts surrounding the stories he directs.

So let me be clear, I know very little about pre Columbus South America. Hell I know very little about it now in the modern world. My only personal experience is that I spent a few days in Tijuana and that’s a less authentic a taste of South American Culture than an Old El Paso dinner kit.

I think though that is why I could enjoy the movie; I don’t know if it was in any way shape or form an accurate portrayal of life in South America for that time period, it might as well have been set on Mars, so I didn’t judge I just enjoyed. I’m guessing that with Mel Gibson at the helm that it’s not very consistent with the facts and figures but, what it is and what he has achieved is a movie which took me on a journey for a snap shot look at a of someone’s life totally different to anything I have watched before.

So to this I give first place, based on originality of content and despite me being very tired as well as the movie being over 2hrs long I was kept awake and engaged throughout.

Fantastic 5 on Fridays 80’s nostalgia movies

With Friday fast coming to an end and the fact that I have failed to keep up with my Fantastic 5 on Fridays I bring you Fantastic 5 on Friday’s late edition.

Tonight’s topic 80’s kids movies!

I’m coming at this less from the angle of purely good movies from the 80’s but movies that you watched as a child of the 80’s on a rainy bank holiday. In order to make the list you have to be a single movie and have no be part of a trilogy (apologies to Indiana Jones and Marty McFly & Mr Miyagi) and not have been rereleased as part of special edition anniversary set or similar.

This in essence means I ruled out the first 2 films down in ET and the Goonies, but they were just too straight forward anyway.

In no particular order the Fantastic 5 on Fridays 80’s nostalgia movies;

 Harry and the Hendersons    – All the way back in 1987 when this came out and I actually still remember seeing it in the cinema.  The thing I remember most is post movie being in the bathroom and another kid asking me if I liked the movie, I said yeah and he agreed.  He then proceeded to tell me that his favourite bit was when the guy took out his knife and slashed the tyres on the car!?!  I’m guessing that kid is now in jail.

 Flight of the navigator – Who didn’t love flight of the navigator? The tale of a kid who falls into a ravine and ‘wakes up’ 8 years later to find the whole world around him has aged and changed whilst he is still the same.  He then becomes a guinea pig for NASA, meets Sarah Jessica Parker and decides to jump aboard a space craft and become friends with its CPU called Max.  Obviously.

DARYL  – I mainly remember thinking the main kid in this movie was annoying (perhaps I wasn’t alone and that’s why he doesn’t work in movies anymore) although the film was great as a child.  The general premise is that the military build a robot child (D.A.R.Y.L. stands for Data Analyzing Robot Youth Lifeform) and set him loose to live in middle America with an unsuspecting family.  The movie is basically the hi jinx that this produces with an undertone of “what will we do when robots can think for themselves

Explorers – The movie that first brought Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix to our screens was this tale of 3 boys and their adventure into space, I haven’t seen it in a long time but  I remember thinking it was great at the time.

 Watership down –  Ok I’ll be honest this one is technically a 70’s movie and was made before I was even born, however it did play many times through the 80’s on TV when I was a nipper and I remember being freaked out and slightly disturbed by some of the scenes even though it animation about rabbits.  For me John Hurt and Richard Briers have 2 of the best voices for telling stories that I have ever heard. 

Those that nearly made the list and aren’t mentioned in the apologies above are Short Circuit, The boy who could fly, Monster squad and the never-ending story (original).

 Anything I should change?

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