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Little to say but a lot to do

Busy.  Thats the best summary of my life at the moment, I feel like I have been playing catch up on life for the last month or so.  Its not been a great feeling and for some reason, despite all appraisals to contrary I convinced myself teh company I work for were going top fire me for no good reason.  So yeah, its been a bit stressful.

I’m currently sitting at the airport though waiting out a snow storm and once its passed I get to fly of and think about nothing more than what tshirt I am wearing to the beach for a week.


Ahem, I mean which tshirt each day, c’mon 1 tshirt for an entire week?


Public transit in America

I read today that only 6.4 million people in the USA use public transport, of that 6.4 million 33% live in New York City. So exclude New York City and there are only approximately 4.2 million Americans using public transport, that’s in a country of 310 million.  Take out New York City (8 million) and that’s still 302 million people with only 4.2 using public transport.

That’s 1.3% of the national population.

That’s mental.

I would question the figures as propaganda but it was on an info sheet published by the state department.





Man sized moth

This pic really doesn’t do justice to the epic proportions of this guy, it was a moth the size of my hand.  This may be normal to some people, but to me it was akin to seeing a dog the size of a horse.

Where are the days going!?!

Between walking the new dog, trying to keep ahead at work and trying to have some kind of R&R I’ve hardly had time to look at my blog or any of the others I like to check out. I’ve still not even updated the movies selection to reflect what movies I’ve been watching, although it seems a bit of a no brainer being that I haven’t had time to watch any movies….

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