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This looks interesting…

I’ve not really been paying attention to up coming movies but this caught my eye.

Not only a cracking director in Ridley Scott but a pretty awesome cast to boot. I’m hoping that Idris Elba gets a decent amount of screen time as I really rate him in what I’ve seen so far, notably Luther.


When the Dark Knight met the Lion King

Someone with enough foresight, imagination and sense of humour to make me jealous put this trailer together using the audio from the new The Dark Knight Rises trailer and images from Disney’s the Lion King, and all credit to them.

It made me smile.

The Movie Another Earth

I little while back I watched Never Let Me Go and I’ve thought about it quite a bit since. I’m not really sure why, it must have struck a cord with me on some level. Today I saw a trailer for Another Earth, which I know nothing about but it seems, from the trailer, to have a similar melancholy feel to it.

Not that I’ve gone all emo but I think I’ll give it a watch.

Joe Wright, whats he up to next?

I watched the movie Hanna for the second time last night, it’s certainly worth a watch for those that haven’t seen it, its kind of somewhere in a mix of Bourne style, comic style, Disney film. Ok it’s not really that Disney except for the film’s lead being a 16 year old girl, but the villains do have comic book feel to them, and the action is as good as the Bourne series.

There are some moments of darkness in there, really quite sad, and yet at the same time some deadpan line delivery which is hilarious, making a movie that rather being a one-dimensional action piece works on a few different levels.  Throw in the Chemical Brothers soundtrack and you’ve got an impressive 111minutes of movie.

But its not Hanna I wanted to post about, its its director Joe Wright, he’s already directed Pride & Prejudice (not seen) Atonement (though it was great and McAvoy was amazing) Soloist ( I thought it was alright but got great reviews) Hanna (see above). With quite different movies released I’m quite intrigued to see his next movie Anna Karenina, I’m not interested in finding out anything about it, I generally like to know as little as possible about I movie before I watch it so I have no preconceptions, but Joe Wright has already done enough for me to think that I’d be willing to spend the money on a theatre ticket on his previous work alone. I do also know that Kelly McDonald stars, and in my opinion she’s an Oscar waiting to happen, so perhaps this is the one….

Having watched Donnie Darko I now expect to see more than one good movie before automatically going to see others by the same director.

Battle: Los Angeles

**Spoilers below**

Have you seen Battle: Los Angeles ?

What can I tell you?  Well imagine the ‘heart felt’ moments from other movies, string them together and throw in some aliens and and bish bash bosh you’ve got a movie.

Perhaps heart felt isn’t the correct phrase, but you know what I mean.  The Staff sgt. telling the little kid he’s the best marine he’s ever met after hs Dad dies, the Staff sgt. telling the brother of a Marine who died under his command that he was a brilliant soldier and he missed him, the squad refusing to eat, instead going straight back out to battle, because yes they are THAT committed.

Bits of Black Hawk Down, a feel off Cloverfield, but not the same as either and I’m sure when the DVD comes out there will be a whole host of deleted scenes as the way it was edited seemed a bit bizarre.  I think there were perhaps sections of story that got the chop that perhaps shouldn’t have.

Source Code: A brief review

Originally my blog was going to be mainly about food and movies, but as time has gone on I seem to blog about movies less.

So….I watched Source Code last night and really enjoyed it.  It definitely felt like a cross between The Jacket and Deja Vu. Where the Jacket was blatantly produced on a lower budget and Deja Vu had the explosions but perhaps lacked story depth. Source Code comes in a with mix between the two.

The basic premise is that Jake Gyllenhaal’s character – Colter Stevens has 8 minutes in which to try and discover who planted a bomb on a train, when those 8 minutes are up, the train blows up and he has to try all over again. His guide through it all is Colleen Goodwin (Vera Farmiga).  To say anymore may ruin the movie, so I’ll leave it at that.

I’m still a bit ‘jury out’ on Jake Gyllenhaal and his talent as a leading man, I think partly because I watched Prince of Persia, but he holds his own really well. Actually while honesty is on the go I’ve always found Vera Farmiga a bit annoying (but she’s alright in this).

I would definitely recommend the movie, my only disappointment was that I failed to notice the Quantum Leap nod, and being that I loved that show when I was younger, that sucks.


Attack the Block Trailer

This could either be hilarious or cringe  worthy.  “Attack the Block”  is about a group of teenagers who protected their part of South London from Alien invasion.  I guess with “Cowboys & Aliens” on the horizon all bets are off as to what comes next in alien movies.

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