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Puppy in the snow

Getting used to the change in the weather


Time to dust of my gear

It’s that time of year!

My local mountain is opening a few days early and I should be snowboarding on Saturday.

I can’t wait.

I relocated earlier in the year so I could enjoy another season on the slopes, and now I’m just days away. 65 more centimeters of snow due before the weekend it should be good opening few days.

What happened to fall?

After my heartfelt post about how awesome Autumn is, it looks like I missed it with my trip away.  When I left 6 weeks ago it was 30 degrees C and yesterday it snowed 4 inches. 

I’ve only been back 48hrs, and it seems thats all I got of my favourite season. 

How hum there is always next year, until then I’ll just look at last years pics.

 Fall walk (Medium)

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