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Off for a hike

I have a day off and I’m using it to go for a 16km hike in the woods.

Its 07:45 and every bit of my body is saying that a few more hours in bed would be a better option, but my ever-increasing belly shows I need the exercise and my dog’s constant harassing mean I should get out there and get going.

Fingers crossed the weather improves.



Keeping my eyes peeled for beaver

Get your mind out the gutter.

Hiking today near where I live I spotted the left overs from eager beavers. I didn’t spot the culprit but on a hot dry day I could see where he’d been leaving a damp trail and chewed off trees behind.

Like Mallory said “Because its there”

About 40 minutes drive from my house is what I would describe as the most scenic Wal Mart ever;

 Scenic walmart

Behind it you’ll spot a huge chunk of granite.  Its the second largest granite monolith in the world, the Stawamus Chief, and having seen it I got the urge to get to the top.  Its popular with rock climbers but as I dont rock climb and attempting that route with no training would almost certainly end in tears I instead opted for the less direct route of the Chief Trail.  1 hour 40 minutes later and my girlfriend and I had assended 2,297 ft to the summit.

 DSC_2508 (Large)

DSC_2509 (Large)

DSC_2510 (Large)

My legs are knackered today!

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