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Raccoon on the run

I found the little guy below in the garden yesterday, at first I thought he was kind of cute, then I realized he was out and about at the wrong time of day and his movements were a bit sluggish, so sluggish he just kind of refused to move from the spot he was on.

I called the animal welfare peeps and they came along and told me he was suffering from the early onset of distemper, and unfortunately it’s a pretty brutal disease to young raccoons.

They took him away, and said that he hadn’t been suffering as it was in the early stages, however I think his day was about to get a lot worse……



More garden wildlife

After the thunderstorm last night it was looking like I may see Noah floating by. Although I didn’t see him, the continued flood of wildlife into my garden has continued with this little guy roaming around.

Garden spider

I found this little guy basking in the morning sun, having been bothered by wasps yesterday in the garden, I’m glad to have him here, keeping the wasps at bay. Image

I found a…..


I don’t think anyone had lost it, but I’m chuffed all the same.

Cape Breton

Sunday stroll

I’m pretty sure one of the main reasons for Sundays, is to go on a dog walk. We found a new lake today, bit cold for a dip but it looked impressive all the same.

Dog walks & sunrises

My morning dog walks are becoming a bit more fun, no the dog hasn’t started juggling (yet) but the sun is rising earlier so they are now walks in partial darkness as opposed to the pitch black of a few weeks ago. With the sunlight comes a little more warmth so it seems like an apt time for a token sun rise pic I took a while ago to remind me warmer days are coming…….

DSLR Cheat sheet = Genius

One of the reasons I got into blogging was to share my thoughts and successes with photography.  I’m not going to lie, the initial buzz I had surrounding the purchase of my shiny Nikon a couple of years ago has long faded and now I don’t take it out randomly like I used to, and that should change.

If been meaning to take a course, mainly just to get back in the mindset of photography, but also for swapping ideas and points of view with other people in the same position as me, which is that they have a camera with enormous potential they just aren’t making the most of it.

In lieu of taking a course I am always on the lookout for articles, or advice with suggestions that can make my life easier, and that’s where this link comes in.

I think this is a fantastic idea, a very user friendly, intuitive cheat sheet to help with photography.


It takes a series of selection options and let’s compare them on a sliding scale, so if you are taking too much time fiddling with the settings, or even if you are quick but then can’t remember what combo you picked for a certain shot this should help jpg your memory.

Kudos to Miguel Yatco for putting it together.


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