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Yoda does vodafone

I do exist on Twitter, I just dont tweet that much, but I do follow Simon Pegg who yesterday tweeted;

“Seeing Yoda advertise vodaphone is like seeing a picture of my grandmother in a phone box, advertising cut price blow jobs”

Well, with a build up like that I had to check it out, I’ll let you decide.


Funny advert, Duct tape Tron

I know this is the second post in a row of putting up a video link on the blog, which could be construed as lazy blogging but this made me smile.

Australian advertisement humour

Having just returned from a couple of months down under I am happy to be home, but its great country, great people and a great ideas team at the Toyota marketing department;


Browsing the classified ads for fur trade dilemma

Whilst waiting for my lunch yesterday ( I was eating out, I have neither or butler or a Simpson’s style helper monkey as that opening text may suggest) I was browsing the local papers buy and sell classified items when something caught my eye.

I can but my very own polar bear rug.  Thats right a 2nd hand polar bear rug, for a mere $3600.  WTF.

Now don’t get me wrong I am all for protecting your feet from the cold floor, but really would a bit of carpet be more fitting? Literally?

I’m not a Peta member, I’m not going to join either, I have no plans to ever become a vegetarian but even I cant help but think every time I saw the remains of a once great animal spread out beneath my feet I’d feel a bit sad that it wasn’t off munching seal lions in the wild some where.  I think, no in fact I know that spending that $3600 on a once in a life time trip to the Arctic to see these things in the wild would be way more worth while.

On the road again…..

Not had much of a chance to update the blog lately as I’m playing my part as an international man of mystery and have crossed over the Atlantic to the United Kingdom.  Unfortunately I’m not blinging it up at the Ritz 007 style but instead kipping on a mates couch. 

No so much James Bond as it is James Unbonded

One thing that has caught my eye (during the half time of the Scotland – Netherlands footy match yesterday) is the new Irn Bru commercial.  For anyone who has lived, loved or just laughed in Scotland the advert hits the spot.


(for those that are unfamiliar with Irn Bru its a soft drink that is a near national icon in Scotland.  Hits the spot when you’re hungover)

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