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Stress? A little.

My road trip(s) are over I’ve already started work, and I’m in the process of buying a house.  I have a move in date of only 2 weeks away and its far enough out-of-town that I also need to by a car. Quickly.  I’ve never bought a house before, but it’s not the spending money that I find stressful, more the fact that I appear to winging the whole process.

I try to think of more serene moments in my life, like a lot of the road trip and some of the lakes.

Ways to destroy my cell phone

I hate my cell phone.  I don not hate cell phones per se its the specific cellphone I have at the moment that it the cause of my rage.

It’s just shit.  Basic features that should work don’t, the screen on the front broke somehow, I still feel it could have been an attempt to self destruct and the most infuriating of all the predictive text is abysmal. Simple words like ‘if’ and ‘road’ aren’t in there and its a bloody nightmare just typing stuff the old-fashioned way when the buttons are crap and it seems hell bent on trying to stop me typing what I want.

So as I have moved, this phone is surplus to requirements, its only a pay as you go that was supposed to fill the void left by my company issue phone a year ago and I have never got round to going back on contract.  In order that I can send-off this little piece of technological piss fittingly any suggestions on how to see it never gets used again and disappoints another owner are welcome.

Dear Blog

Dear Blog

I have not forgotten about you, I promise. This whole moving city, moving into temporary accommodation while I look for a house and starting a new job has been taking up all my time.

I’ll be back soon.

Dining in Calgary: Avenue Diner

Another of Calgary’ s eateries I tried whilst in the city was Avenue Diner, a great little place that has a fantastic breakfast menu, however their lunches (such as the mac & cheese the girl beside us was eating) look incredible too. We stumbled across it having only been in the city an hour or so whilst walking down…. and getting grumpy from lack of food and coffee.

I had the ‘Ultimate Egg Sandwich’ which as I have never had a better egg sandwich actually lives up to its name. The toasted sandwich comes with basil butter spread thickly over each of the slices which I think is the secret to its awesomeness.

They also have flyers highlighting the fact that the ingredients are locally and ethically sourced meaning that I can eat there and watch Food Inc without feeling like a pawn in the food industry’s game.

The only downside is that the diner only has one co-ed bathroom, which isn’t bad in itself but becomes problematic when the lock doesn’t seem to work properly, I was caught mid pee with the door flying open my another female customer in the diner, slightly embarrassing but at least I don’t live here full time and I’m unlikely to ever see here again, the diner though, I wish I could see on a regular basis.

5 Stars

We did end up going back here for a second breakfast as it was that good, had to stand in line the second time but again it was definitely worth it, the egg bennys are fantastic.

Dining in Calgary; The SIlver Dragon

Part of my road trip saw me take in a few nights in Calgary.  First time I have ever been there and with a new city comes the chance to try out new restaurants. I’ll try and put up a short review of all the good ones in case you should ever find yourself in in Alberta’s premier city and feel a bit peckish.

First up (although not the first we ate at) is The Silver Dragon on 3 Avenue Southeast

We were there on a Thursday evening which was lucky as we have since found out that come the weekend the line ups can be quite long leaving you waiting for a table downstairs whilst being teased by the oriental aromas from upstairs. The basis of the restaurant is a large square room with a simple but well kept decor, lots of large tables suggest that this is a place used to accommodating large groups.

We started with a shared portion of pot stickers, really tasty but perhaps a wee bit more seasoning for my salt hungry palate that night, glad we got them to share though as they were some of the largest I’ve seen and the portion size was 8.  We followed on with the spicy shredded pork, the crispy beef and a portion of special fried rice. The only drawback of the entire evening was that the waiter (who otherwise was great through out) and I had a bit of a communication breakdown on the beer front.

The Silver Dragon offers amongst its beer choice 4 Chinese import beers, I asked the waiter which was best and pointed to them on the menu, he said he wasn’t sure and would just pick one out for me. Sounded like a good plan to me except he promptly brought me a bottle of Heineken.  In his defense its an import beer and I didn’t specify of the imports I wanted Chinese, how hum I had a Tso Tsang for the second which went well with the spicy entrees.

The best part was that for the drinks, food and tax for two I was only $52.  Outstanding price for great food and good service, if it was in my town I’d be a regular for sure.