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Winter beach walk on the cards

Despite a decent dusting of snow covering the garden, and a thick fog hanging in the air I’ve decided to head to the beach. No. not for a swim but because I’ve been walking the dog pretty much exclusively in the woods for a while now (granted different woods but still..) I’m off to the beach.

I’m taking the camera in the hope that the weather will option up some decent photo opportunities, if it does you can expect the results to follow.


Puppy treats

In the summer I thought it was great that my puppy reacted to ice cubes like they were bought treats, a financial coup.

Now its winter, he thinks the world is his buffet.


Wordless Wednesday

An idea I saw on another blog, where abouts exactly I can’t remember, but I’ll let pictures do the talking on Wednesday.DSC_1701

This is a husky I met in Quebec Dec 2008, I found the eyes on him just amazing.

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