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I was a PC, now I’m a Mac.

I made the switch just before Christmas.  My laptop (an asus) was dying a slow death, no longer able to function unless plugged into the wall and always seeming like it was overheating. I decided enough was enough and it needed to be replaced.

Nearly everyone I spoke to who heard me mention my thoughts on the Mac recommended it without hesitation.  I dont really need it it for anything ‘heavy’ its manily for for internet access,  photo’s and very basic video editing, but it was these final 2 points that swayed me in the end in opting for the Mac.

I have to say after my initial couple of months, although I’m not disappointed as such i’m by no means “wow’d” either.  I dunno if I am missing something fundamental but I’m not sure what I have gained that a laptop (pc)of the same price wouldn’t have offered me.  Well it would have offered me an SD card slot (what were you thinking apple? (or what was I thinking but not spotting that))

We’ll see how I feel a couple more months down the line.



I parked in a disabled parking spot to today by accident but I still felt bad afterwards.  It’s not that I think that anyone needed it while I was parked there, there were loads of empty spots around but it pisses me off when people park in them when then shouldn’t because they are lazy fuckers, so I shouldn’t do it myself.

In my defence I was heading to a different spot (on my left) and as I arrived and began my turn into the spot someone cut in front and took it. Dick.  But as I say there were plenty of spots so I checked my mirror and ta daa one right behind me.  I reversed in and thought no more of it, only to see the familiar blue and white sign on the ground when I returned.

Parking foul; I plead guilty.

“I told you we should have gone to the beach”

“Dead Snow” turned out to be worth a watch even though it did confirm to me that horror, even when its tounge in cheek, isnt really my movie genre of choice.   I figure its best to keep dipping my toes into different pools of movie though so I dont get too 1 dimensional.

I think Norwegian horror definitely counts as such even if I watched it when it had already been accepted into the main stream.  The movie itself centres around a group of 20 somethings who go on vacation in the mountains to an area unbeknown to them with a dark history from the second world war.

Cue Nazi zombies on the rampage and a fight for survival.

There are blatantly undertones of “Evil Dead“, “Shaun of the Dead” and even a touch of “Pirates of the Caribbean” but the movie has its won unique take on things, never takes itself too seriously and has a few dead pan comedy lines such as the announcement by one of the party “I told you we should have gone to the beach” when the depth of their situation had been realized.

Norwegian Horror; Dead Snow

For some reason which i’m not quite sure of, I opted for Norwegian horror flick ‘Dead Snow’ from the movie store.

Should be interesting….

5 Best cities (as according to the thoughtherder)

Edinburgh. There are not many cities in the world that for me can rival the view as you stroll down Princess Street, how many others can boast a 12th century castle on the skyline.  By some standards its a pretty small city, dwarfed by its neighbor to the west with a population of just under 500,000 people, yet there still always seems to be something going on.  Highlights include the the edinburgh festival over the summer and stockbridge’s choice of shops & bars.

London.  I’ve never lived in London but came close a few years ago.  If I hadn’t moved overseas it was my fall back option and i think it would have been a pretty good one.  Having friends living in the city worked out well for trips down to visit, particularly when I could angle a meeting for either Friday or Monday and make a weekend out of it and get the flights courtesy of work for free.  I really enjoy Camden Market for stroll, the bar at the tate modern for a drink looking across at St Pauls, more restaurants than you could ever eat at and the feeling that something awesome is always going on in the city somewhere.

Vancouver. Now my ‘local’ city although I don t spend that much time there to be honest, right now I’d always rather be snowboarding and through the summer the weather seems to nice to be in a city (Stanley Park aside).  I was blown away on my first trip here by the views, where Edinburgh has the castle, Vancouver has the pacific ocean the snow topped coastal mountains, dense woodlands surrounding the city skyline.  I know I still have the best of the city to see despite my countless visits but I think that for me it will always be synonymous with new beginnings and adventures which makes it one of my top 5.

San Diego.  Only been twice but the second trip confirmed it in my top 5, my post on the Zoo and Cafe Chloe are 2 of the reasons, but I just love the overall vibe of the place. More posts will follow, but I can recommend this city for sure beaches, sunshine and weird birds, what more do you want from a city?

New Orleans. I’ve only had 1 trip to New Orleans, and that was post Katrina so i’m not sure what it was like before, but I really loved the party atmosphere and the friendliness of the people. Ok to be fair that was also time outside New Orleans traveling in Louisiana and probably shouldn’t let it reflect on the city but I cant help combine the 2 as the city trip merged into one.  I know others have been and didn’t like the brashness of the place, or the frat boy culture of bourbon street, or the fact that so many of the visitors seem to disregard their ability to use trash cans but its a party street and and it has some elements that go hand in hand i with that.  I would highly recommended drinking hurricanes and listening to the piano duals at Pat O’Brians and having brunch at the courtyard of 2  sisters listening to the live band ease you into your day with some easy tunes.

Hospitals, operations and feeling useless

I had to go to hospital and have a wee operation, nothing serious but it has emphasized how much I take my mobility for granted. Luckily I wasnt in the hospital overnight, and despite the pain today and general discomfort overall its nothing compared with what some people have to live with and deal with on a daily basis.

I guess despite the frustration of being stuck in the house for the next few days and being able to lift anything or do much beyond playing the xbox, watching DVD’s and finding weird and wonderful things on the net I’m thanking my lucky stars that I’ll be most of the way healed this time next week and back to normal within a month.

In the mean time look what I found;

Yes I have too much time on my hands now.

Is it a seagull or is it a pigeon?

I know that some cities are plagued by pigeons and some of their coastal cousins are blighted by seagulls but in San Diego I saw what looked like a cross breed between the two.

Humanity beware….

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