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Planes & fires


Came home to some crazy fire across from my house with 5 planes on site trying to put it out.


A rethink and a deleted post.


I have just deleted, for the first time in my short blogging history, one of my blog posts. 

I didnt say anything wrong, or even controversial its just that all I did was moan about someone I met i the pub and didnt like.  If thats the best I can come up with for my blog, nothing more than a bundle of negativity, then I would rather not post.  People can reads moans all over the Internet, and I may moan on here again but it will be something worthwhile, not because some random girl had the worst chat ever.

Away out into the sunshine whilst humming “always look on the bright side of life’.

Weather events

Day after day of 30 something degree weather it now seems that mother nature is about to unleash some of her other extremes.

I was just nipping to my car and all of sudden it got dark, then I started hearing stuff land like rain but the ground was staying dry.  It turned out to be hundreds of pine needles, and I say hundreds but probably more like thousands then the wind starts really picking up, I  jump in the car, then leaves start flying everywhere, then branches.  BRANCHES!

Then nothing.


EDIT; Now a whoop load of thunder is rattling around the house,


This is what the environment agency are saying


The capitals are their doing not mine, but it looks liek it could be an interesting night.

Road kill tales

I read blog post recently about hitting a squirrel on the road, I left a comment as the sense of guilt from killing a creature on the road reminded me of a time a friend of mine, a keeper of 2 owls and countless other birds, hit a baby owl and killed it driving home one night when I was in the car.  He was crushed. 

And so was the owl.

It got me thinking about road kill (joyful subject huh) and it sparked a memory that sounds made up but is no word of a lie and I think falls into the ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ bracket. It happened in the hazy days of the late 90’s…..

I met up with a mate of mine to do god knows what, something daft/dull/pointless but a means to fill in summer time evening and he proceeds to tell me what happened to his mum.  She was driving into town (we lived in a wee village) earlier that day and saw a black bag on the road.  She made murmurings of how unsightly litter is and hoped that it had been caught by the wind to end up where it lay and not recklessly thrown from a car but thought no more than that.  There was no time to stop and pick it up and she was driving a Land Rover and after all and these bad boys were built of stern stuff and weren’t about to be halted by flimsy black plastic.  

It was at the very last moment and she accelerated out of the corner, milliseconds before impact that the black bag turned and gazed back at her with its eyes.

It turns out you see that the bag was not a bag but in fact a seal. 

On the road. 

With the sea nowhere in sight.

I know what you are thinking, that I am about to tell that next she had to swerve to avoid a unicorn, that was my reaction too.  But I was taken on a short walk to the incidents ‘ground zero’ and there spread across the road were the remains of the seal along with a carcass at the side of the road where my mate and his brother had left it.  His mum had he returned to the house in a bit of shock and a bubbling mess so the boys had gone to clear up the scene.  Who do you call about that type of thing? 

It’s a good job she was in a decent sized vehicle, a smart car would have been written off, and to have only injured the seal would probably have been worse than killing it out right.

How did it get there?  Well the best theory we could come up with was that it had followed the stream by the road from the estuary that eventually leads to the sea.  A lot of recent rainfall had it swelling up higher than normal and we could only guess that the seal had got confused and come up on the road for a look to try and get its bearings.  Unfortunately it got a lot more than that.


angry seal

Energy drinks; Friend or foe?

A few years ago now I used to drink a lot of redbull on nights out (with a few customary shots of vodka of course) but then I kinda swore off them for a long time.  They offer no health benefit and I’m a really bad sleeper who drinks too much coffee so it seemed sensible to ‘let them go’.

Recently however I have been having the odd Monster.  It started as shattered from work but needing some energy to go out scenario, and now I am sitting on the couch thinking about the one in the fridge and that if I drink it then maybe I’ll have some enthusiasm to go for a jog or swim.

I’m I healthier sitting here not opening a can of “energy” or drinking it and going for some exercise?

Decisions,  decisions.

Hot Springs

As I mentioned yesterday I was off in search of some hot springs, and I’m happy to say that I did find them.  The off road part of the journey wasn’t that bad, a bit bumpy but more of a crappy road than true off road.

The main danger is logging trucks that come flying along towards you, its suggested that you have a radio so you can hear them coming (they announce their mileage position over the radio) but as we had no radio we just kept a good look out.

The hot springs weren’t disappointing, the pics don’t really do them justice.  We had temps of 38 degrees C but they can get ridiculously high, there are warnings everywhere and area’s to run to if the place starts to have an earthquake.  To quote the sign

‘If you hear a loud rumbling, or notice a sudden change in the creek’s color or flow, leave the area immediately and retreat to the nearest refuge site, this could mean an event is about to occur.’ 

Nothing more severe than a few bug bites on my trip though.

A better selection of pics are on my girlfriends camera so these are all I can put up just now;

As you can see its a pretty scenic setting, the 3 separate hot spring ‘baths’ are located in the middle of the woods next to a river.  There are definitely worse places to unwind.

Day off adventure

I am working far too many hours at a job I don’t really enjoy, that’s really a story for another time but during a recession it seems best to shut up and get on with it.  I have to tell them tomorrow I need 3 weeks off to go work for another company who I enjoy working for, pay better, but did make me redundant in February.  Still it may take me out of full  time employment again.  

But that’s for tomorrow, as for today I am heading on a road trip for a couple of hours to try and find some hot springs I have been told about. My girlfriend is away at the local dog shelter doing her volunteer work buts once she’s back it breakfast and away.  I say “road trip” with a certain amount of trepidation as I’ve been told that half of it is actually off road. 

This could prove interesting.

Pics up tomorow!

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