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You know what sucks?

Trumping the gas station blues incident of the other day I managed to get all the way to the mountain today (ok its only a 5 min drive but there is a hassle factor of getting changed) only to find that I’d left my skipass at home. Doh.

I was going solo as my girlfriend is injured and out of action for the season so where I normally have someone more sensible than me to check that I’m not forgetting stuff she wasn’t there and it fell apart. By the time I got home again I was sulking and decide not to go and cleaned the kitchen and made cookies instead.

I’m not making a direct link between my lack of coffee and my forgetfulness in the morning but its something to keep a eye on…..



I have completed 2 days without coffee.

I havent ceased to be able to function.


From Fact to Zombiefiction; Food Inc & Zombieland

I am spending my time doing more than just watching movies at the moment its just I’m just not doing much else that would warrant blogging about. Yesterday I watched a couple of movies, they are linked in a weird and wonderful way, if you can guess by the time you get to the bottom of the post you win a prize.

The first was Food Inc a documentary that highlights a selection of key aspects of the food industry in the USA.  I was hesitant to watch this one, not because I have no interest in the subject matter but because I was dubious that it would be a pro vegetarian movie that would use a montage of shocking images of animals to put me off my food.  My worries were unfounded and what really transpired was a movie highlights corporate greed, government protectionism and its effects on arguably the most important industry in the US.  I believe that the movie is stronger for not going over the top with the ‘OOOh companies are bad, look at this footage’ and instead highlights the fundamental aspects that need fixed in the system such as the statutory laws and agencies charged with ensuring a safe, open and transparent food industry flourishes in the US.

Secondly I watched Zombieland, a horror/comedy based in a world where zombies own the streets and two survivors meet up and agree to stick together as they cross the US.  A run in with 2 more stranglers, sisters on their way to Pacific Play land fun park (no line ups for the best rides in a zombie world I guess), the 4 piece has some trust issues but ultimately gets along.  I think the best way to describe it is as a fun movie, it doesn’t take itself to seriously, doesn’t offer any scares but does offer laughs. The Bill Murray cameo is great and I think that although only a short piece of the film the scenes at his house are possibly my favourite.  When the world has gone to shit why not strap a vacuum to your back and act out scenes from ghostbusters?

A word on cast; I don’t really know much about the lead Jesse Esienberg but I couldn’t help but draw comparisons to Michael Cera, although not related (that I know of) it just kinda seemed like I was watching his big brother due to his mannerisms etc. Secondly I really like Emma Stone, everything I have seen I her in so far she has been really good and I look forward to seeing her in more films, her small role in ‘Ghosts of girlfriends past’ eclipsed McConaughey and Garner for me.

And as for the link between the two…………..I’ve been meaning to watch the movie “Go Further” in which it shows a chicken in a can for sale at a grocery store. Hmmm good, anyway that movie stars Woody Harleson in the lead role and it made me think about watching Zombieland.  Tedious link?  Definitely but a link nonetheless.

Inglorious Basterds; Once upon a time in Nazi occupied France…

I got round to watching Inglorious Basterds the other night after being pretty underwhelmed by the trailers back when the publicity for Quentin Tarantino’s latest directorial outing was in overdrive I hadn’t rushed to the movies, or the rental store.  Don’t get me wrong I like Tarantino’s work but I just didn’t feel drawn to  his latest stuff, Grindhouse, Deathproof or Inglorious Basterds.

In hindsight, I’m now probably going to be checking out both Grindhouse and Deathproof.

Ok, so its not the perfect movie, I don’t think Brad Pitt is as good as he could be, (the jaw line thing is a bit mental) it requires a complete disregard for common sense and a knowledge of history and it probably gorier than it needs to be.

On the plus side the performance of Christopher Waltz is outstanding, I’d never heard of him before this film but will look out for his next work with interest.  The story is ‘different’ and in a world of “same old, same old” thats a good thing. It marries up comedy into a war movie complete with gore, whilst typing that seems wrong (comedy and atrocity) but remembering Donald Sutherland as Oddball in Kelly Heroes reminds me that the two can go hand in hand (but I’m still not sold on the gore tbh).

All in all I think I enjoyed it more having watched it a bit grudgingly, but isn’t that often the way?  This movie certainly isn’t for everyone and I imagine it will have a bit of a marmite effect on most, had it been made on a slightly lower budget by an unknown director it would have achieved cult status for sure, but as Tarantino is anything but an ‘unknown’ it has to make it with the blockbusters in its own right.

Gas Station blues

The town I live in is blessed with just the one gas station.   Not a huge drama you’d think but today the lack of other options was a headache.  Leaving work for the drive home I knew that the gas was low but figured as the light wasnt on yet I could probably just get away with waiting till I picked my girlfriend up later on as she works close to the gas station and we live at the total other end of town.  Being a tourist town 4-6pm (when I’m leaving work) the traffic heading to the gas station is chaos and best avoided.

Thing is when I stopped on the way home to pick up a few bits and bobs for dinner the dreaded gas light came on when I started the car back up.  Grudgingly I took the decision to head to the gas station and fill up now rather than risk running out in the middle of the night when I went to pick up my girlfriend. 25mins into what should be a 10 minute drive, the light goes out again.  WTF.  Decides maybe it doesn’t need gas that bad anyway.  Already committed I headed to the gas station anyway, only to find the prices have gone up.


“Why you all wet baby?” My brief Shutter Island review

I went to the movies and watched Shutter Island the other night.  I was keen to see the movie adaptation as I read the book back in 2004 and hearing that it would be Martin Scorsese at the helm, with his new muse Mr DiCaprio I was intrigued as to how it would turn out.

I wasn’t disappointed, I did enjoy the movie and like what they had done, most notably as they didn’t try and rewrite the story for the movie but stayed pretty faithful to the original book by Dennis Lehane (also the author of Mystic River).

DiCaprio was, as he always seems to be, great in his role as the story’s lead Ted Daniels.  The supporting cast members all hit he right note, in particularly Ben Kingsley who I thought was fantastic.  The tone of the movie seemed darker than I remember the book being but the subject matter and setting (asylum/prison for the criminally insane) means that it was never going to be a chortle fest, and the accompanying score sounds reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick’s work not as strong as the Shining but but powerful all the same.

I can’t say too much about the film without running the risk of ruining it for you, this is definitely one to watch with as little info on as possible, my girlfriend I think enjoyed it all the more from heading to the cinema completely unaware of what she was about to watch.

Eagle fly by

Went for a hike and spotted an eagle flying by, seems like Spring in the air though.

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