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On the road again…..

Not had much of a chance to update the blog lately as I’m playing my part as an international man of mystery and have crossed over the Atlantic to the United Kingdom.  Unfortunately I’m not blinging it up at the Ritz 007 style but instead kipping on a mates couch. 

No so much James Bond as it is James Unbonded

One thing that has caught my eye (during the half time of the Scotland – Netherlands footy match yesterday) is the new Irn Bru commercial.  For anyone who has lived, loved or just laughed in Scotland the advert hits the spot.


(for those that are unfamiliar with Irn Bru its a soft drink that is a near national icon in Scotland.  Hits the spot when you’re hungover)


Go West, this is what we’re gonna do…

So it looks pretty certain that I am going to up sticks and move West  across the country.  Currently I’m going through pangs of

Fantastic!  An adventure, I’m only 28 this makes perfect sense


What the hell am I doing?  It was cool to go live on the mountain when you were straight outta University but now you need to be responsible, look at your career, buy a house, do grown up stuff

Well I think that Jacob (who I don’t know but writes an excellent blog) reminded me of a way I used to approach lifestyle questions such as this in his blog one year older. In this post the question is poised “what would my 21 year old self think of me now?” as I still believe in my head I am about 21 it doesn’t alter too much for me, but let’s go further….. what would 18 year old me say………..the 15 yearl old……..what about the 12 year old?

I know without thinking too hard that the answer will always be a resounding YES for the adventure.

I spent too many public holidays or maybe even just rainy weekends watching Indiana Jones battle through temples, castles, jungles and dodging flying darts, wishing that I would have those kinds of adventures when I was older to sit home and take the easy route.  Yes, it is true I am going to the pacific North West, complete with running water and electricity and not the depths of untamed wilderness but of the two lifestyle choices I could make right now it’s the one with more uncertainty and hopefully the more rewarding. 

Plus they do have bears out there, right now the closest I have to dangerous wild animals on my doorstep is a slightly agitated looking dachshund that lives in the apartment block next door.

So like the Pet Shop Boys said; Go West, this is what we’re gonna do

A picture is worth a thousand words……



This made me laugh outloud.  Is it an indication of my humour?


Is it an idication of my mood?

For sure.

You learn something every day if you pay attention (Ray LeBlond)

So I’m considering my life options at the moment. Not so much a quarter life crisis (think, and I stress think, I’m over that) more of a concerted effort to roll with the punches and change things up a little.  I’m attempting to turn something I really love to do into something that maybe, just maybe I can make a little bit of money from. 

Like most people in their twenties I have had various jobs over the years, some good some bad, some I learnt important lesson from others that taught me nothing.  From paper rounds to writing policies in the office it has been a fairly varied path but now I’m doing something completely different, taking a different path and turning something I spend my free time doing and my daydreams well daydreaming about into something more. 

I’m training to be a snowboard instructor.

Ok so the daydreams are about snowboarding not instructing but I’ve been able to snowboard for years and never considered teaching other people how to snowboard as something I would ever do.   Sure maybe taking a friend up the mountain and teaching them the basics so they could try something new, but now I’m seeing it slightly differently, seeing the potential for more.  

I figure with the world and its recession going to hell in handbag maybe I’ll get off the ride for a bit and do something fun.  Just for 18 months or so, I figure I have earned it.  Maybe.

So that’s the plan spend the next few days boosting my education in something I enjoy, then packing the bags heading west and trying to make enough money to not go hungry (ok maybe by a few beers too), meet some new people (to laugh and enjoy the ride with) and have a few experiences that I’ll enjoy telling my friends about at a later date but hope that any future kids I have never find out.  

The best part about all this is it all stems from once upon a time years ago when someone gave me a snowboard lesson.

The Movie “Taken”

That is what happens when you sit behind a desk. You forget things, like the weight in the hand of a gun that’s loaded ………and one that’s not.

I went to the movies the other night and caught Liam Neeson’s new flick Taken. The story is centered on Bryan Mills (Neeson) a retired CIA field operative busting the heads of people who stand in the way of him reuniting with his daughter (Maggie Grace). You see she didn’t take daddy’s advice about not going to Europe without adult supervision when she is only 17, and now she is lined up for an “I told you so” of gargantuan proportions as she has been kidnapped by eastern European people traffickers.

Neeson’s character has a one thing on his mind, rescuing his daughter, and that’s it. Where Jason Bourne doesn’t know who he is, Bond is serving Queen and country Neeson is a one man wrecking crew fiercely determined in his task: reaching his daughter before she disappears forever. I think it’s that no frills approach that makes the movie so entertaining. Not trying to be clever, not trying to throw you twists just following a one man army on his mission.

The only drawback in the movie for me was the casting decision to put 25yr old Maggie Grace as the 17yr old daughter. She seems closer to 30 than 17. She has a run that she does in order to try and portray someone younger than her years but it really just makes her seem a bit simple rather than young. You have to see it to know what mean, but you will straight away. My only guess is that due to the graphic nature of some of the scenes the production crew thought it would be safer to not emphasize her adolescence, and yet it’s her naivety and lack of life experience that Neeson is trying to protect.

Overall definitely worthy of a watch, it won’t change your life, but it will take you on an hour and half tour to the dark side of someone elses.

4 out of 5 stars

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