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Desktop genius

You don’t even have to like cookies to appreciate this !

Desktop genius


2011’s greatest sports fan so far

This made me laugh, I’m a big fan of watching live sports but this guy is a big fan of making sure the team notice him.


The amazing backwards word girl !

Sounds like a circus act, but I think this is pretty amazing. In fairness she could be getting a large percentage of them wrong and I’m not about to start checking, even if she is its still impressive.

When the Dark Knight met the Lion King

Someone with enough foresight, imagination and sense of humour to make me jealous put this trailer together using the audio from the new The Dark Knight Rises trailer and images from Disney’s the Lion King, and all credit to them.

It made me smile.

Puppy treats

In the summer I thought it was great that my puppy reacted to ice cubes like they were bought treats, a financial coup.

Now its winter, he thinks the world is his buffet.


Funny 404 pages

I thought this was a good change from the norm, and there are some crackers in here;

Kinda makes me think I should harass work until we can come up with a better one for our site, but I dont think its ever going to happen.

Funny advert, Duct tape Tron

I know this is the second post in a row of putting up a video link on the blog, which could be construed as lazy blogging but this made me smile.

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