Worlds greatest lamp


Some people manage to turn a fantastic imagination into fantastic products, and some even get to make money from it. The people behind the Nebula 12 should be making money from what I can only describe as the greatest lamp. Ever.

It’s still at the concept stage at the moment but check out the link for more details, but in summary it’s a combination of wifi, liquid nitrogen and a vacuum that creates an actually cloud in your home that displays the weather outside, and up to 48hrs in advance.

Raccoon on the run

I found the little guy below in the garden yesterday, at first I thought he was kind of cute, then I realized he was out and about at the wrong time of day and his movements were a bit sluggish, so sluggish he just kind of refused to move from the spot he was on.

I called the animal welfare peeps and they came along and told me he was suffering from the early onset of distemper, and unfortunately it’s a pretty brutal disease to young raccoons.

They took him away, and said that he hadn’t been suffering as it was in the early stages, however I think his day was about to get a lot worse……


My first US thanksgiving

I found myself Texas for thanksgiving, it wasn’t planned as I’m down here on business and as its not a something I would normally celebrate (I’m not American so what would be the motivation!?!) it was pretty uneventful.

In terms of keeping my thanksgiving true to the spirit of the holiday, I skipped the tradition of eating turkey and instead opted for wings in hot sauce, although I did watch some of the NFL games on TV.

What was a thankful for? That the bar was open and serving me beer and wings on a day when everything else seemed to have closed down. The beer in question was “Longhammer IPA”  which I’d not tried before but its pretty good. Lighter and less hoppy than most IPAs I’ve tried, but definitly one I would order again.

Quote of the day

“A day without laughter, is a day wasted”

What a day

After spending more hours in the dentist chair this morning than I had planned, my day has been a bit lazy. I’m finally on vacation having pushed back my week off every week since July because of work commitments and now, just to give me a wee slap in the face,there is a frost warning for tonight.

What the hell,this is my summer vacation!

So to cheer myself up I’ve picked a handful of chilies that I’ve been growing and I’m cooking up some chili, washing it down with some home brew.


More garden wildlife

After the thunderstorm last night it was looking like I may see Noah floating by. Although I didn’t see him, the continued flood of wildlife into my garden has continued with this little guy roaming around.

My new garden addition

My new garden addition

While stacking wood for what now seems fast approaching cold weather I found this little guy hiding in the wood pile. He seemed content enough for me to stack would around him, but if every so often would slither off to a new piece of wood.


As a small time gardener still trying to find out what I can grow and what I can’t there are a certain amount of disappointments. However having some bruschetta made with home grown garlic, onions, basil and tomatoes smothered across some fresh bread I’ve baked tastes awesome, and yeah makes me feel a little smug too.


Twisted chili


I set up some prewritten blog posts on my iPad that we’re supposed to automatically post to my blog, but as none of them are here I think it’s safe to say it didn’t work.

Instead here is a picture of a home grown twisted chili. I can’t help but think that ‘twisted chili’ sounds like a shitty high school band name, so I’m off to google to find out if anyone has been bizarre enough to name their band with that , if so they can have the pic for their next album cover.

Garden spider

I found this little guy basking in the morning sun, having been bothered by wasps yesterday in the garden, I’m glad to have him here, keeping the wasps at bay. Image

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