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Double IPA


Tried a new beer last night, pictured above. I’m always a bit dubious of double IPA’s, I don’t subscribe to the view that just because your face gets sucked inwards in a bitter punch of hops it somehow makes for a good beer, but this little beauty has none of that.

Plenty of hops, plenty of taste but still smooth enough to have a few (just remember its 8.2%!).


This looks interesting…

I’ve not really been paying attention to up coming movies but this caught my eye.

Not only a cracking director in Ridley Scott but a pretty awesome cast to boot. I’m hoping that Idris Elba gets a decent amount of screen time as I really rate him in what I’ve seen so far, notably Luther.

You know who I’m loving today?

Paula Radcliffe, thats who.

I went out for a run this morning with the dog and at the end, Paula popped up on my Nike+ to announce that I had just completed my fastest ever 5km.  Not too shabby a start to the weekend.

On vacation


Having a blast snowboarding and enjoying patio beers in the sun.  Blogging will resume shortly.  

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