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PS3 run around – Modern Warfare 3

I may be getting older but I still love a bit of a run around on a console every now and then, and lately its been more now than then.  Modern warfare 3 has been released and it seemed like it was time to buy a new game, the unfinished but enjoyable red dead redemption may get dusted off at some point but it wasn’t really appealing.

I have played around 7 minutes of the actual campaign the rest of the time I’ve been running around in the multiplayer section, trying and the new care package items and seeing if I can’t get an AC130 of my own with a wee bit more regularity than I used on the early incarnations of what is essentially the same game.

The first impressions are that the latest multiplayer maps seem a lot more active than the oldies. plenty more detail and ranging heights and gradients make for interesting situations, by interesting I mean I keep getting shot and have no idea where it came from, but they seem very playable and the new, slightly more complex, lay outs should ensure that the maps stay interesting for longer. At least until the first of no doubt several multimap packs become available for just a few dollars more.


Self inflicted injury

You know the best part about standing on a nail in bare feet?


There is nothing good about it and my foot bloody hurts.

Christmas (food) thoughts

As a general rule I don’t think about Christmas until December, but as I missed Christmas last year due to work commitments, I feel that I have to get this one spot on.  About a foot of snow fell earlier this week which has been the catalyst for the Christmas musings, but the one point I keep coming back to, over and over is the food.

So today I am planning out my Christmas gluttony bonanza, yes it will have all the usual suspects, but hopefully the extra planning will allow me to have some tried and tested funky side to go along with them.  It won’t change the fact that last year I missed  Christmas by spending 2 months away from home without even so much as some tinsel in site, but it does mean this one should at least in part make up for it.

Whistler opening day 2011

I wasnt born in Whistler but I used to live there, then I moved away.  Then I sat in offices staring out of windows wondering how and why I had convinced myself that I had made a good choice in leaving. So I moved back.

And then I moved away again.

I could list the pros and cons and go over in great detail the case for and against, but the bottom line is that I have love affair with one of the most beautiful wonderful places in the world, and when i see vids like the one below I become green with envy.

Greatest vimeo movie I’ve seen yet

I often get sent links to great vids on Vimeo, but I though this one deserved a post as its a bit magical. Its a time lapse piece from space that just, for me, emphasizes how fantastic the world can look.

Yo sushi

I love sushi.

Thats the first thing you should understand.  The mix of rice, proteins and flavour delivered in little parcels of tasty goodness is brilliant.  Throw in some miso soup, gyoza, some udon noodles and any kind of hybrid dish that involves teriyaki sauce. Awesome.

Today I went to Yo sushi again for the first time in about 5 years, the absence of visits is down to the simple fact of location, as far as I know there are none in Canada, and when I am in Canada the selection of good sushi places (at least where I live) is great so I’ll normally try for something a bit more ‘local’ when on the road. Today though I was caught hungry in Heathrow’s Terminal 3 and thought I’d go for Yo.

Happy to say it was pretty good, and the restaurant model works really well for airports, quick and easy to get what you want pay and leave, and if like me you’re traveling on your own you can sit at the bar and not feel like a table hog taking up a table with 4 seats for no reason.

The little conveyor belts with their colour coded plates (for those not in the know the colour relates directly to the cost of the dish) keep me amused as I wait to see what comes along next, it almost feels as though Bruce Forsyth should be on hand to quiz you on whats already passed you by in the style of one of his family quiz shows.

If they did open one up in my home city, would I go?  Probably not as I would most likely stick to the none chain sushi houses I already like, but Its now my food stop of choice at heathrow.

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