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Airport security

The guard at the airport security check just told me I’d be “blown away” by what people could fit in laptops these days. I don’t think he realized what he said, I managed not to laugh, he just looked confused by face, but that happens a lot to me.

Modern Warfare 3, its probably going to take up my Winter

Summer isn’t even officially here and I’m already thinking about winter, not because I want the the snow back (although I would love a wee snow boarding trip about now) but because Modern Warfare 3 will be released in November, I’ll probably buy it in December and then still be playing it this time next year.

The only difference is that since my piece of crap Xbox died (again) I’ll be playing it on the Ps3.

Home brew

My first batch of home brew is complete, so far its tasting pretty good. I was keen to learn more about beer but didn’t fancy going as far as growing my own hops so went with an easier route of Festa Brew. 

Looking forward to trying my hand at a few more.

Festa Brew


I’m not expert but I’m pretty sure this spider I found in my garden is evil.


Not all spiders are, but this one is. Fact.

Coke & Mentos fail

I’ve never tried the whole coke and mentos thing, despite seeing a few different vids where pretty imaginative things are accomplished, this one though just made me smile because they could spend years trying to recreate it and probably never manage.

Caffeine ban officially over

My caffeine ban is over, although I plan to try and drink less but I love the taste of coffee and every morning that I think I might skip a cup (which I did manage for quiet a few consecutively) I get the line “I drink good coffee every morning” from the Colin Hay song “I just don’t think I’ll get over you”.

It goes on repeat in my head until I crack and drink good coffee.

Love that song.

Attack the Block Trailer

This could either be hilarious or cringe  worthy.  “Attack the Block”  is about a group of teenagers who protected their part of South London from Alien invasion.  I guess with “Cowboys & Aliens” on the horizon all bets are off as to what comes next in alien movies.

Pistachios – The new coffee

To take my mind off the coffee I’m not drinking I have bought a massive 1kg back of pistachio nuts to graze on at my desk.  You may think that the 2 of them are so unrelated that it would be of no help, but instead of going for a coffee I have a handful of pistachios and then I’m busy again with no time to think about my lack of coffee.  I have had a couple of cracking nights sleep back to back, and that with still being a lazy git and doing no exercise.

Still think I’ll be having some coffee goodness over the weekend though.

Caffeine Ban – Cold turkey

I have been sleeping badly of late, one of the main reasons for this is lack of exercise, caused by lack of time to do anything that I may want to do opposed to things I have to do.  To try and combat this and to try to break the cycle I’m on a coffee ban until further notice.  I’d begun drinking way more than usual to try and replace real energy with sugary caffeine laced goodness and its not a healthy way to live.

I’m 2 days in and haven’t ceased to be able to function.

Garden coming to life…

As my neck of the woods warms up, more of its creatures are coming to life and passing through the garden. We’ve put up a bird feeder (moved once already due to squirrel “issues”) and hopefully that will encourage even more wildlife. Yesterdays top spot was a woodpecker.