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A brief review of the movie “Frozen”

I watched the movie Frozen last night, and it left me a little out in the cold (dum dum tish sorry I had to say that).

As an avid snowboarder I was looking forward to a horror based on the slopes, and although I cant point the finger at who it was I read a glowing review in a magazine for the film recently . They kinda lied.  The movie isn’t awful, there’s some good dialogue in parts but its doesn’t really go anywhere, I never really felt connected to the characters nor did I think of them as just horror fodder.

Maybe I should have read the review more carefully, maybe it would have given me hints as to how little actually happens in the film, but really I think its the idea of whats happening in the film thats disturbing (being stranded on a chairlift after close on a mountain) rather than the way the deliver the scenario on film.  Bottom line I think they could have done a better job of making that situation scarier.  I reckon a wee think tank of random people coming up with ideas as to what happens next could have come up with a better plot.  Sorry but its true.

I’m routing for the smaller film companies, but like fair trade chocolate unless the products quality makes it  worthwhile I aint going to buy it.


The True Blood Fox

Like I often do I’ve ended up watching a TV show long after its debuted on regular TV, in this case the TV show is True Blood, I’ve now watched the first 2 seasons and the thing that sticks out to me the most is the rotting fox in the opening credits.

I hate that fox.

Is it just me or is the rotting corpse of a fox, complete with maggots a little too much?

Is there some kind of bizarre in joke that the show is having about the Fox TV channel?

I don’t think I have ever been so weirded out by opening titles before!

Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit

Having just read that Martin Freeman will be playing Bilbo Baggins in the new Hobbit movie I have to say I think its a genius bit of casting. The proof will be in the final cut, and I think that this will possibly the most hyped movie of all time (well maybe behind Phantom Menace) and as such it disappoint a few, but Freeman as Bilbo gets two thumbs up from me.

Kind words from a colleague

Having suffered a few days of a heavy cold I woke up this morning with my best sleep in about a week, I went to bed early, only woke up a couple of times through the night coughing, and was still asleep when my alarm went off.

When I got into work I was feeling good to be on the mend and positive about the day ahead, the first person I spoke to however welcomed me with “Holy shit you’re looking pale, you feeling alright?”.  Perhaps a false dawn on the road to recovery.


Home from 2 weddings, too many miles

At the start if the month I began an ambitious trip to see lots of family and friends and traveling thousands of miles in one direction and then thousands more in another.  Had a good time, plenty of laughs, but I’ll never do it again!

The timing was out of our control as we were hitting up 2 weddings as part of the trip, but we did then try and take the oppertunity to see as much family as possible, great in theory but now I’m a broken man.

Full of cold, shattered, and I’m supposed to be in the office in a an hour……..think I need some time off.

Hangovers suck

I know this through research I have painstakingly undertaken.

Todays pain is the result of a day spending drinking at a wedding, looking back the moment I swapped out the beers and wine for vodka, cranberry & ginger ale mixes because the girl before me at the bar ordered one and in a state of slight inebriation I thought drinking them seemed like the way to go.

My mid afternoon nap complete I’m now away to soak in the tub for a bit, then I’m meeting some people for drinks later, so no doubt I’ll be as rough as a badgers arse again tomorrow.

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