Fat man? Getting there.

My belly is growing exponentially.  I have an addiction and it’s to food.

If it was crack, booze heroin I would be in a bad way and a statistic that you don’t want to know about.  Instead its food, a far more socially acceptable addiction.

Not junk food, not health food, not exotic food just food and consuming vast quantities of it. Most people stop eating when they start to feel full, I seem to keep eating till I am at the point I can’t stand up straight.  Ok so that’s not totally true  (although it does happen) but when I am away with work and I don’t get to cook for myself , I’m not paying for anything I end up eating way more than I should.   I can be making my way for breakfast going over and over in my head that I am just going to have cereal, if I’m still hungry then I am going to have a piece of fruit after.  Easy. Presented with the food options I’ll stuff my face with a variety of things and then come away wondering what happened.

Gluttony thats what.

I need to get an addiction to the gym pretty quickly otherwise my motto of

‘To eat is human to pig out divine’

Will see me wearing clothes that I could share with a hippo, and a heart bypass will follow.


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