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Who the hell are you?

I’m the guy that used to post here, but then because of work commitments, I headed north and ended up in a remote place with no Internet connection and has to stop posting. My last blog post that never quite made it to publication was a semi drunken sprawl of words about flying over the arctic, it never made it as I was on a plane at the time of writing, and it’s sat in my drafts folder ever since.

I think it’s best for all parties that piece stays off the thoughtherder page.

I’m still up north, I’m still remote but now in another spot that has some connection to the world, hopefully I’ll be heading home soon. Summer here, so close to the arctic circle, is as warm as you imagine it would be. Even with the extended sunshine hours it still hasn’t really warmed up to a temperature I’d call summer worthy.

You’d think with all this down time I would have some witty and inspiring posts to wow the blog reading world with, but I don’t. More of my unusual random thoughts will appear in due course with the usual lack of structure from one day to the next.


Day off conundrum

Easter Monday is a day off for me but not for the other half, she’s off to work and home with the dog.

So what to do? A day filled with odd jobs and random tasks, getting everything from the winter “to do” list finally finished off, or maybe starting early on the summer jobs. I think since there has been a dusting of snow that’s still lingering n the lawn the former is more likely than the latter.

Walk the dog, get a run in (they’ll probably be combined) and I’m on dinner cooking duties tonight but other than that I’m not really that motivated to do much at all. Perhaps a coffee will help…..

Desktop genius

You don’t even have to like cookies to appreciate this !

Desktop genius

2011’s greatest sports fan so far

This made me laugh, I’m a big fan of watching live sports but this guy is a big fan of making sure the team notice him.


Dog walks & sunrises

My morning dog walks are becoming a bit more fun, no the dog hasn’t started juggling (yet) but the sun is rising earlier so they are now walks in partial darkness as opposed to the pitch black of a few weeks ago. With the sunlight comes a little more warmth so it seems like an apt time for a token sun rise pic I took a while ago to remind me warmer days are coming…….

Samosa fail

I was doing a small grocery shop today and felt a bit peckish while doing the rounds. I decide on a lentil samosa from the deli counter as my snack of choice, but I’m not that keen on eating them cold.

Can you heat it up?” I asked

“Umm sure” came the counter guys response with a weird look on his face, and off he toddled, and returned a couple of moments later with my samosa and other deli items.

When I got back to the car and unwrapped my samosa it was stone cold. It was then a realised that he thought I was asking if it was possible to reheat a samosa rather than what I wanted, which was to have a warm samosa there and then.

It was still tasty, if not indeed toasty.


Self inflicted injury

You know the best part about standing on a nail in bare feet?


There is nothing good about it and my foot bloody hurts.

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