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The road home

After what seems like an eternity I’m on the way home.

I’m not entirely sure why this trip has made me want to get home so much, it’s not been that bad, in fact it’s been pretty good but I think the bottom line is a need some time switched off from work just hanging out with friends, with my dog and most importantly my girlfriend.

My eagerness has just been out into action when I tried to board the wrong flight. I’m due to take off in 20mins and people were boarding at my gate so I, without much thought (a fact I blame on the early hour and the lack of coffee) I joined the line like a sheep. Turns out because I’m at the arse end of nowhere these small planes take 5 mins to fill up and mine is up next.

So I’m back sitting waiting for the first of my 4 flights wondering if there is any beer in the fridge for when I get home.

Tooth issues

I am still too remote to get to a dentist for a while and I broke one of my teeth on a piece of crackling yesterday. I’m not in agony at the moment but I have a strong fear that its only a matter of time….

I love crackling, the salty fatty goodness that is anything but actually good for you, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at it the same way again.

I’m off to do some preemptive searching for pain killers.

Quote of the week

I heard a quote recently that I have since found out was wrong, but I like the new version better;

“I do not have a soul, I am a soul, I have a body”

It’s not the type of thing I normally pay more attention to, but for some reason it resonates with me.

I think an obligatory scenic image should follow it, so here is a iPhone snap I took while walking my dog at silly o’clock in he morning a few months ago.


The millennium trilogy

I final got round to reading the 3rd and final book in Steig Larsson’s millennium trilogy “The Girl Who Kicked a Hornets Nest”. I know I’m a few years behind as they are not new releases but Having read the first one years ago, it’s taken me a while to finish the set.

3 things stand out over all for me;
Firstly the second book was probably my favorite of he 3
Secondly I think Lisbeth Salander is a fantastic character of modern fiction
Thirdly and this may seem like an understatement but it’s a huge lose that Steig Larsson passed away and there won’t be more of his books and great characters to enjoy, I know that here are legal wrangles over a 4th unfinished book, but thats never going to be completely the same

Next up is “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand which I hope to start this week.

Who the hell are you?

I’m the guy that used to post here, but then because of work commitments, I headed north and ended up in a remote place with no Internet connection and has to stop posting. My last blog post that never quite made it to publication was a semi drunken sprawl of words about flying over the arctic, it never made it as I was on a plane at the time of writing, and it’s sat in my drafts folder ever since.

I think it’s best for all parties that piece stays off the thoughtherder page.

I’m still up north, I’m still remote but now in another spot that has some connection to the world, hopefully I’ll be heading home soon. Summer here, so close to the arctic circle, is as warm as you imagine it would be. Even with the extended sunshine hours it still hasn’t really warmed up to a temperature I’d call summer worthy.

You’d think with all this down time I would have some witty and inspiring posts to wow the blog reading world with, but I don’t. More of my unusual random thoughts will appear in due course with the usual lack of structure from one day to the next.