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The road home

After what seems like an eternity I’m on the way home.

I’m not entirely sure why this trip has made me want to get home so much, it’s not been that bad, in fact it’s been pretty good but I think the bottom line is a need some time switched off from work just hanging out with friends, with my dog and most importantly my girlfriend.

My eagerness has just been out into action when I tried to board the wrong flight. I’m due to take off in 20mins and people were boarding at my gate so I, without much thought (a fact I blame on the early hour and the lack of coffee) I joined the line like a sheep. Turns out because I’m at the arse end of nowhere these small planes take 5 mins to fill up and mine is up next.

So I’m back sitting waiting for the first of my 4 flights wondering if there is any beer in the fridge for when I get home.


“On the road again”update

I ended up getting an upgrade to business class for my flight, so it wasn’t so bad after all. Love it when that happens.

If only I didn’t have to spend time in the jumped up shopping mall that is heathrow terminal 5 and it would have been perfect.

On the road again

I travel with work pretty regularly and often get to go to some interesting places, although I’ve been home for a while now and I’ve got out of the ‘groove’ of regular international travel.

This trip is not looking interesting, I’m not heading anywhere new or exciting, insteadI’m going back to a city I used to live in. It would be made a lot more positive if I was going to have the chance to catch up with old friends but unfortunately my days are looking pretty busy with work, and that’s what pays the bills.

I guess overall I’m not feeling that motivated for it, but then it’s 10pm on a Sunday night and the next 12 hours will be filled with trying (most likely unsuccessfully) to get some sleep whilst sitting in a chair next t a complete stranger.


Yo sushi

I love sushi.

Thats the first thing you should understand.  The mix of rice, proteins and flavour delivered in little parcels of tasty goodness is brilliant.  Throw in some miso soup, gyoza, some udon noodles and any kind of hybrid dish that involves teriyaki sauce. Awesome.

Today I went to Yo sushi again for the first time in about 5 years, the absence of visits is down to the simple fact of location, as far as I know there are none in Canada, and when I am in Canada the selection of good sushi places (at least where I live) is great so I’ll normally try for something a bit more ‘local’ when on the road. Today though I was caught hungry in Heathrow’s Terminal 3 and thought I’d go for Yo.

Happy to say it was pretty good, and the restaurant model works really well for airports, quick and easy to get what you want pay and leave, and if like me you’re traveling on your own you can sit at the bar and not feel like a table hog taking up a table with 4 seats for no reason.

The little conveyor belts with their colour coded plates (for those not in the know the colour relates directly to the cost of the dish) keep me amused as I wait to see what comes along next, it almost feels as though Bruce Forsyth should be on hand to quiz you on whats already passed you by in the style of one of his family quiz shows.

If they did open one up in my home city, would I go?  Probably not as I would most likely stick to the none chain sushi houses I already like, but Its now my food stop of choice at heathrow.

Shopping with a dangerous twist

I’m glad I dont have to go to this market for my fruit and veg!

Apparently its in the Mae Klong market  in Thailand a hour or so drive from Bangkok

Airport security

The guard at the airport security check just told me I’d be “blown away” by what people could fit in laptops these days. I don’t think he realized what he said, I managed not to laugh, he just looked confused by face, but that happens a lot to me.

Dont eat chocolate at the airport

When you are tired from too much traveling and a coffee and a chocolate croissant seems like a good idea just dont. Otheriwse you may end up like me with melted bits of chocolate all over you jeans and still another 5hrs worth of flying to go.

Damn it.

I’m steadily beging to look like a bum not a business traveler…..

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