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Conundrum solved

Turns out my day off wasn’t wasted, after a lot of sitting around I took the dog for a run and stepped it up a bit and knocked out my first 10km run of the year. I have my eye on a 10km race at the end of next month but work commitments mean I’m 99% sure to be out of town.

I think having that at the back of my mind means I’ve slacked off my running a bit, but despite the spring showers I still went out and clocked a time that won’t win any medals, but is a bit quicker than I thought I would have got before I set off. I won’t embarrass myself by posting it on here, but I think, in fact I know I can shave minutes rather than seconds off it,so I have a new challenge to keep me motivated.


And again

So I continued with my pre run banana today (as mentioned in yesterdays blog) and despite not really feeling motivated to go, I ended up clocking my fastest 5km time since I started using the Nike+.

Not too shabby! I won’t embarrass myself by putting the time in the public domain, but I’m still happy.

Banana a day keeps something something something….

As I continue with my attempt to get happier with the state of my fitness, I’m continuing my running (with nowhere near as much sensible planning as I should have) and I had my first run in a while that when I finished up and felt really good at the end.

The reason for this breakthrough? A banana.

Ok I’m not a 100% sure that this is the reason, however when I used to run a bit more years ago I did used to have a post work/pre run banana and things worked out pretty well for me then, so even if it’s a psychosomatic, it’s working.

You know who I’m loving today?

Paula Radcliffe, thats who.

I went out for a run this morning with the dog and at the end, Paula popped up on my Nike+ to announce that I had just completed my fastest ever 5km.  Not too shabby a start to the weekend.

Would the real Dirk Nowitzki please stand up ?

As my push to fitness continues I’ve been running or swimming every day, and on the days I’m feeling particularly motivated I do both. For a little while now I’ve been using the Nike + app on the iPhone to track my runs and try and get an additional boost of motivation, and I’ve had feedback from various celebs in the automated congratulatory sound bites within the app.  I posted a little while ago about how I thought Ellie Gouldings inclusion was a bit bizarre, but I had also wondered who Dirk Nowitzki was.  I appreciated  his congratulations, always given with gusto (which being that it’s the same recording isn’t surprising) but I had no idea who he was.

If you hadn’t realized up until this point I don’t watch much NBA.

So sitting in a bar the other night tucking into my wings and supping back on my beer when none other than Dirk Nowitzki  pops up on-screen for a short interview. His voice is pretty recognizable so there was no mistake from the off, but he doesn’t look like he sounds if that makes sense.  I my mind he was about 20 years older and 100lbs heavier, a kind of jolly bearded coach of a man.  It turns out although a big guy he’s a professional athlete, which given the athletic context of the sound bite does make sense, but does bring my back to WTF is Ellie Goulding doing on there?

Ellie Goulding on Nike+?

In a manner which isn’t exactly unique at this time of year I’ve been hitting the gym a little bit harder and making the most of Nike+, think is today Ellie Goulding came on to congratulate me in managing a run 3 days in a row.

Ellie Goulding? How is that in anyway relevant?

Day off

Happy day indeed when I’m not heading to the office, I’ve worked every weekend in April so I think I am due some downtime. I do have an outdoor endurance race next weekend that I haven’t done a single bit of training for, so I’m off to the gym in the hope that this one trip will miraculously make me fit.

Not likely eh.

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