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I found a…..


I don’t think anyone had lost it, but I’m chuffed all the same.

Cape Breton


Spiders getting an early start

Although Winter doesn’t officially end until the weekend my morning dog walk through the woods had me scrapping a number of spiders webs from my face.  It seems that they’re eager to get Spring started this year.  While I don’t mind spiders, I don’t like the fact their nights work leaves me looking like a weirdo dodging a web assault course that only I can see.  Anyone more than 2ft away would just presume I’m from the Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks.

Spring cleaning takes on a whole new meaning

Although I still feel winter every time I go outside, its fair to say that it’s on its way out.  The sight of a few bulbs popping up shoots highlight that warmer, lighter days are on their way.  Normally I take the concept of ‘Spring cleaning’ with a pinch of salt, I’ve lived in apartments for that many years that shy of finding a semi finished bottle of booze tucked in the back of a cupboard, forgotten from some long since past Christmas party there isn’t a lot more to do than any other day of the week.

Not this year.

Last summer I became a home owner for the first time, and I have to find the time to sort my garden too. Simple in theory but having never had a garden before it’s a lot of planning and not a lot of action so far.  The main aspect I want to tackle?  Veg patch. With nothing in the store as good as home-grown for taste and current news reports constantly telling me that food prices will take a sharp rise this year, it seems now is the time to start producing some of my own.  I have cleared part of the area, and I have my plans drawn up and whats pictured below should become a hotspot of vegetable goodness in the weeks to come.



Eagle fly by

Went for a hike and spotted an eagle flying by, seems like Spring in the air though.

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