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Caffeine ban officially over

My caffeine ban is over, although I plan to try and drink less but I love the taste of coffee and every morning that I think I might skip a cup (which I did manage for quiet a few consecutively) I get the line “I drink good coffee every morning” from the Colin Hay song “I just don’t think I’ll get over you”.

It goes on repeat in my head until I crack and drink good coffee.

Love that song.


Pistachios – The new coffee

To take my mind off the coffee I’m not drinking I have bought a massive 1kg back of pistachio nuts to graze on at my desk.  You may think that the 2 of them are so unrelated that it would be of no help, but instead of going for a coffee I have a handful of pistachios and then I’m busy again with no time to think about my lack of coffee.  I have had a couple of cracking nights sleep back to back, and that with still being a lazy git and doing no exercise.

Still think I’ll be having some coffee goodness over the weekend though.

Caffeine Ban – Cold turkey

I have been sleeping badly of late, one of the main reasons for this is lack of exercise, caused by lack of time to do anything that I may want to do opposed to things I have to do.  To try and combat this and to try to break the cycle I’m on a coffee ban until further notice.  I’d begun drinking way more than usual to try and replace real energy with sugary caffeine laced goodness and its not a healthy way to live.

I’m 2 days in and haven’t ceased to be able to function.

Stating the obvious

I managed a new record high on the ‘stating the obvious meter’ this morning.

I dropped my girlfreind off at work and had the dog in the car so I could take him on our mrning walk, deciding I wanted a coffee I headed to a Starbucks drive through where I proptly told the guy whose voice was booming through the speaker that I wanted my latte to go.

Just in case he thought I was going to collect it from the window and then come inside.

Lack of sleep for a new reason…..a puppy

Finally after years of living in apartments or houses that weren’t suitable or puppy friendly, I can finally say I have a puppy.

The whole issue with getting the puppy toilet trained is causing a bit of sleep depravation, on the plus side he knows he needs to go out to pee, on the downside his bladder is about as big as the top part of my thumb so he can last about 3-4 hours tops before he needs to go outside. This means 3-4 hrs sleep maximum for me in between pee breaks.

This morning I put tropicana in my coffee instead of milk by accident after a zombie style trip outside with him, fair to say I wasn’t thinking straight.  He’s also the reason the pumpkin in yesterdays post was so rushed


I have completed 2 days without coffee.

I havent ceased to be able to function.


5 Best coffee accompaniments

coffeeIn line with my semi regular Fantastic 5 on Friday I give you my take on the 5 most fantastic things to accompany your coffee.

Carrot cake.  Don’t think it counts as one of your 5 a day on the fruit and veg stakes but tasty and goes well with the java

Muffins.  Choc chip, blueberry or my own favorite raspberry and white chocolate,  any is good when hitting up the sugar rush between meals

The Oversized cookie.  Once upon a time the simple digestive was an institution to be dipped in a cup of tea, but with coffee shops there seems to be a veritable arms race for who can carry the largest cookie.  Expect pizza style sizes soon

Croissants.  Less choices than with muffins but plain, chocolate filled and my personally preferred option the almond filled are never better than when eaten with a latte.

Chocolate cake.  When enjoying the benefits of one type of bean, why not enjoy the antioxidant benefit of another, the cocoa bean!  Ok I may be clutching at straws for a reason by why not indulge

Runners up include biscotti as favored by many (just not me) or more coffee.  Go on it was a late night and you could do with the extra kick form an extra shot.

Any others that deserve a mention?

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