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What a day

After spending more hours in the dentist chair this morning than I had planned, my day has been a bit lazy. I’m finally on vacation having pushed back my week off every week since July because of work commitments and now, just to give me a wee slap in the face,there is a frost warning for tonight.

What the hell,this is my summer vacation!

So to cheer myself up I’ve picked a handful of chilies that I’ve been growing and I’m cooking up some chili, washing it down with some home brew.



More garden wildlife

After the thunderstorm last night it was looking like I may see Noah floating by. Although I didn’t see him, the continued flood of wildlife into my garden has continued with this little guy roaming around.

My new garden addition

My new garden addition

While stacking wood for what now seems fast approaching cold weather I found this little guy hiding in the wood pile. He seemed content enough for me to stack would around him, but if every so often would slither off to a new piece of wood.

Twisted chili


I set up some prewritten blog posts on my iPad that we’re supposed to automatically post to my blog, but as none of them are here I think it’s safe to say it didn’t work.

Instead here is a picture of a home grown twisted chili. I can’t help but think that ‘twisted chili’ sounds like a shitty high school band name, so I’m off to google to find out if anyone has been bizarre enough to name their band with that , if so they can have the pic for their next album cover.

Garden spider

I found this little guy basking in the morning sun, having been bothered by wasps yesterday in the garden, I’m glad to have him here, keeping the wasps at bay. Image

Garden centre season has begun…..

It’s that time of year when the garden centers are opening back up and i’ll start to spend large chunks of my weekend lost in them.

Last years veg patch was a mix of successful and not so successful but speaking to gardeners in the area with a lot more experience than me, they seem to think that last year was pretty tough year, so hopefully I’ll be in for some bumper crops this time round.

Not sure what I’ll be growing but when it comes to gardening unless I can eat the end product I’m not too interested.

Mission for the day

Months ago I had some top soil delivered for building veg beds in the garden, the excess has sat on the driveway ever since. Todays mission is to get it shifted.

I feel a stiff back coming on……..

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