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Garden spider

I found this little guy basking in the morning sun, having been bothered by wasps yesterday in the garden, I’m glad to have him here, keeping the wasps at bay. Image


10km done

I ran my first and probably last 10km race of the year at the weekend and I’m still a bit sore off the back of it.

I had started the year with the idea of running a 10k in my mind but as the hours at work piled up and the hours of training dropped off it stared to look like it wasn’t going to happen. Then somewhat out of the blue a local race popped up and I had my arm twisted into taking part.

I’m glad I did, and although my time was some way of a Mo Farah record I was happy enough to cross the line without collapsing.

I am similar to the dwarf in lord of the rings in that I’m wasted in the longer pursuits, although he claimed to be an excellent sprinter, and I’m not that either. I’m a guy who drinks to much beer to have a completely sedate lifestyle, I need something to keep the extra tires from forming around my waist, and I’d rather run badly than give up beer!


I ended up only being home for around 72hrs before I was off again but I’m now back home and here just in time to try and save my first ever crop of garlic.

I’ve only dug one up so far (I was eager to see how it had come along) but used it in dinner tonight. I know have to learn how to cure the rest so I can keep using it through out the year.

Pretty tasty so far.


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