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Fishing, relaxation with an edible end

As part of my drive to live like a toursit in my own back yard for the next few weeks before I move again I tried my hand at fishing.  Fishing isnt somthing that I have ever been drawn towards before as I always thought it bascilly invovled standing around and getting a bit bored.

That really doesnt entice me.

However I ended up fishing as part of a friends stag do a few years ago and realized that fishing was really about being outside with some friends, catching up and talking about whatever with optional beer intake thrown into the mix. That said, the stag do was in 2002 so I didn’t exactly rush to buy a rod.

This time round I had the help of a guide who took me to a couple of different lakes and gave my lessons on everything and anything fishing related and the opportunity to try my hand at different casting techniques. This time there was no beer, or a huge group of friends, but I did get to chill out in the great outdoors, with eagles looping overhead and at one point an otter popped up about 5 meters from me to say hello and check out how my day was going (he may have been telling me to stop thieving his fish, but I don’t talk otter) all in all it was a pretty awesome day.  We had these single person floating things, kinda like a half dingy, to sit on and it was really peaceful just bobbing up and down.

I did catch a rainbow trout but let him head back to his mates, I don’t mind catching something and keeping it if I’m going to eat it, and I’ve gutted fish before, it just seemed the day had been too nature orientated to take any of it home with me.

My catch (above)held by the guide.

Our guide had said “The trip is about being outside and enjoying the day, catching something is just a bonus”.  Too true.


Always listen to your girlfriend

As previously posted I’m about to have a t-shirt cull to get rid of a bunch of old, unwanted, never worn anymore t-shirts. It may seem slightly ironic that I would be buying myself new t-shirts, but I was.  I need some for the gym/hiking (complete with wicking tech) so its not like the old ones could suffice, and a pet hate of mine is t-shirts with the neck all stretched out.

Anyways whilst buying one from the sale rack the other day (savvy shopper me!) I opted to not bother trying it on as it looked fine.  A brief conversation with my girlfriend followed;

Aren’t you trying it on?”


“If it doenst fit you cant bring it back as its final sale.  You should try it on.”

“Nah, I’m not fussed.  It’ll be fine”

“If it doesn’t fit then it will be a waste of money.  You should try it on”

“Its a t-shirt, looks fine”

*Raised eyebrows from girlfriend*

“Ok I’ll try it on”

Moments later I was in the fitting room staring in disbelief as the t-shirt that I thought would fit fine managed to highlight beyond belief my beer gut that I didn’t realize had grown to such embarrassing proportions. Sheepishly I asked for a larger size, paid the sales clerk and headed straight to the gym to but the new tshirt to work and wage war on the beer belly.

Chaos Theory; Say yes to whim! Say yes to chance! Say yes to chaos

Another day another movie and this time I watched Chaos Theory.

Its a relatively low budget movie from 2007 that completely slipped under my radar.  I’m kinda surprised that more hasn’t been made of the movie as I really enjoyed it, it has the right mix of comedy/drama, has a great soundtrack and is well cast. I think Ryan Reynolds is brilliant and the same could be said of co-stars Emily Mortimor and Sarah Chalke.  In fact for a movie like this I don’t know who would serve the roles better.

The basic premise of the movie is that Frank Allen (Ryan Reynolds) is a meticulous time keeper and lives his life by the lists he makes, for him without a list life is chaos. Then one day he misses his ferry to the main land where he is due to give a speech on efficient use of time and what happens next is a spiral of events as his life gets turned upside down, and the result is that he take the decision to leave his life up to chance.

The movie  follows Allen streaking at ice hockey matches, fighting in bars and buying Harleys.  Its a fun ride and has the right mix of enough comedy to make it funny but enough drama to keep you interested in the characters, fundamentally a romantic comedy with more honesty and snappier writing than most.

From T-shirt to crop-top

I am moving again.  A few different moves over the last few years, each time relocating thousands of kilometers should mean that I am getting better at this.

The jury is still out.

But what I do know is that I need to have a clothes cull before I leave and ditch the ruined clothes and hand over the rest of what I dont need (or what I am not prepared to shift half way round the world) to the charity shop.  Thing is I have a heap of t-shirts that are in good condition, and that I still really like but the seem to be shrinking.  Not so much on the belly (thankfully) but getting shorter.

My jeans haven’t changed so I am content that I’m not turning into a leprechaun, but it’s still really annoying.  No doubt this is due to my inability to read labels properly, or use a dryer effectively but it means anyone who has a shorter than normal mid section and visits the second-hand store in a the next couple of weeks is on to a winner.

Pitch & putt escapades

I went for a short pitch and putt session yesterday, which was the first time I’ve picked up a golf club in years.  Its not that I don’t like golf, if I didn’t then I wouldn’t have gone yesterday, its more that I’m not very good and have never had any inclination to get any better.

I have always lived no more than 10 minutes away from a golf course my entire life, it seems that when ever we moved house we invariably ended up beside one, but as a child I just remember being told off for messing around rather than ‘playing’ golf. For me ‘playing’ insinuated that fun would be involved and standing around waiting for people to hit a golf ball didn’t seem like much fun at all.  Where was the running!?!  Suffice to say I ditched the golf and went back to anything else that involved a bit more exercise and  excitement.

I also have only ever really encountered golfers who were quite stuffy and elitist, when I was around 9 years old my teacher  wanted to take some pictures of the club house for a school project but got refused entry to the golf course because she was a women. WTF?

Now I’m older, a wee bit rounder and not quite so fussed to spend every minute getting out of breath I can kind of see the attraction. Getting outside on a sunny day in the fresh air is always a winner but the golf just gives you a reason to do it. Also when chatting to another guy on the course he beamed “Yep, there’s nothing like a couple of joints, a beer and hitting a few golfballs on a sunny day” seems that teh elistest attitiude took a pass on the golfers up here.

The 3 par pitch and putt course I took on yesterday is in a fantastic setting, mountains surround a tree lined course with lakes and eagles overhead. I didn’t bother keeping score and truth be told I lost 3 balls into the lake on the final hole so called it a day early but it was still a good time.

Not my picture but its of the course so you get an idea of why I think I’ll go back for more.

Orange severs and pulled pork pizza

I went for pizza the other night, and it was good pizza.  A pulled pork topping rocked and although slow cooked pork may not be a traditional topping if definitely works on pizza.

My main problem with the meal though was the fluorescent glow coming from the waitress we had serving our table.  She was friendly enough but the unnatural colour radiating from her skin was really off putting. I understand that some women would prefer to not be pale, but swapping a natural colour not matter how light is infinitely better  than looking like a side show freak.

Beer ban loser

My self imposed beer ban didnt last very long.

2 days in fact.

When offered free tickets to an event with free food and beer I became weak and consumed. I think its mainly because last year when I made a ‘beer ban pledge’ I lasted far better 67 days after setting out for 30 so I dont feel another beer ban is necessary, I just dont like hangovers much.

As part of my attempt to get my life together as outlined back at the end of February getting fit was something I needed to take more seriously, so really thats my main motivation for cutting down on the amber nectar so I dont end up like the guy below;

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