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Cellar no 8 cabernet sauvignon

I hadn’t enjoyed a glass of red wine in a while, and on Saturday we stayed in cooked a couple of steaks and opened a bottle of Cellar no 8 cabernet sauvignon (2008).  I don’t know if the lack of red wine over recent weeks heightened my enjoyed but  I was really impressed with how smooth it was for a pretty modest price (thats modest by the hiked up draconian Canadian wine prices) at $17.99.

Certainly one I’ll have again.


Sunday stroll

I’m pretty sure one of the main reasons for Sundays, is to go on a dog walk. We found a new lake today, bit cold for a dip but it looked impressive all the same.

Yoda does vodafone

I do exist on Twitter, I just dont tweet that much, but I do follow Simon Pegg who yesterday tweeted;

“Seeing Yoda advertise vodaphone is like seeing a picture of my grandmother in a phone box, advertising cut price blow jobs”

Well, with a build up like that I had to check it out, I’ll let you decide.

Desktop genius

You don’t even have to like cookies to appreciate this !

Desktop genius

2011’s greatest sports fan so far

This made me laugh, I’m a big fan of watching live sports but this guy is a big fan of making sure the team notice him.


Would the real Dirk Nowitzki please stand up ?

As my push to fitness continues I’ve been running or swimming every day, and on the days I’m feeling particularly motivated I do both. For a little while now I’ve been using the Nike + app on the iPhone to track my runs and try and get an additional boost of motivation, and I’ve had feedback from various celebs in the automated congratulatory sound bites within the app.  I posted a little while ago about how I thought Ellie Gouldings inclusion was a bit bizarre, but I had also wondered who Dirk Nowitzki was.  I appreciated  his congratulations, always given with gusto (which being that it’s the same recording isn’t surprising) but I had no idea who he was.

If you hadn’t realized up until this point I don’t watch much NBA.

So sitting in a bar the other night tucking into my wings and supping back on my beer when none other than Dirk Nowitzki  pops up on-screen for a short interview. His voice is pretty recognizable so there was no mistake from the off, but he doesn’t look like he sounds if that makes sense.  I my mind he was about 20 years older and 100lbs heavier, a kind of jolly bearded coach of a man.  It turns out although a big guy he’s a professional athlete, which given the athletic context of the sound bite does make sense, but does bring my back to WTF is Ellie Goulding doing on there?

First dry hopped home brew

My first batch of dry hopped home brew came out the keg today, no too shabby!

I’ve now had a few and refuse to get a camera so the pic is from the iPhone (and kind of in focus).

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