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Sunday stroll

I’m pretty sure one of the main reasons for Sundays, is to go on a dog walk. We found a new lake today, bit cold for a dip but it looked impressive all the same.


Dog walks & sunrises

My morning dog walks are becoming a bit more fun, no the dog hasn’t started juggling (yet) but the sun is rising earlier so they are now walks in partial darkness as opposed to the pitch black of a few weeks ago. With the sunlight comes a little more warmth so it seems like an apt time for a token sun rise pic I took a while ago to remind me warmer days are coming…….

Nope,not much in the way of photo ops

I went to the beach, but unfortunately I didn’t find much in the way of photo opportunities, maybe I just wasnt looking right, or in the right frame of mind.

I did find a couple of sand dollars and I guess in hindsight I should have been creative and taken a photo of those before picking them up, I may have come up with something like whats below.

Off for a hike

I have a day off and I’m using it to go for a 16km hike in the woods.

Its 07:45 and every bit of my body is saying that a few more hours in bed would be a better option, but my ever-increasing belly shows I need the exercise and my dog’s constant harassing mean I should get out there and get going.

Fingers crossed the weather improves.


Dog walk wildlife

Out walking the dog the other morning I came across this fella blocking my path, with a little gentle encouragement he dissapeared back of into the long grass. Its the first ‘live’ one I’ve seen all summer, the others crossed the road at the wrong time.

I only had my iphone rather than my Nikon, but I still think it came out alright.

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