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Christmas (food) thoughts

As a general rule I don’t think about Christmas until December, but as I missed Christmas last year due to work commitments, I feel that I have to get this one spot on.  About a foot of snow fell earlier this week which has been the catalyst for the Christmas musings, but the one point I keep coming back to, over and over is the food.

So today I am planning out my Christmas gluttony bonanza, yes it will have all the usual suspects, but hopefully the extra planning will allow me to have some tried and tested funky side to go along with them.  It won’t change the fact that last year I missed  Christmas by spending 2 months away from home without even so much as some tinsel in site, but it does mean this one should at least in part make up for it.


Bah Humbug

Having to unexpectedly spend Christmas thousands of miles away from friends and family and hundreds of miles from the closest pub means I am vetoing Christmas this year.

Yours grumpily


I’m busy. Kind of.

After my marathon 40 odd hours of non stop flying I did reach the other side of the world, but jumping between hotels, being busy with work, and trying out as many microbreweries as possible has left little time for blogging.  On the plus side I’m managing to hide from cold winter weather as I keep busy in the southern hemisphere, on the downside I like winter. Doh.

The other major issue is that my trip is over running already and unless I get some good fortune (and soon) I’ll be away from home over Christmas which wasn’t on the cards when I left. For me personally I don’t mind missing Christmas too much, but I hate the idea of leaving my other half home alone.

Maybe I should have been embracing the early Christmas fever this year, I don’t think I’ll see much of it on the Indian Ocean.

Christmas decorations already?

I saw Christmas decorations put up when I was stuck in traffic on the drive home from work today.

Its November 4th.

I havent even been arsed to remove my Halloween pumpkin from my front step, which being that it was a pretty shoddy attempt this year you would have thought embarrassment alone would have driven me to shamefully add him to the compost.

I’m all for Christmas, and I don’t want to sound like a grumpy old man before my time but putting up Christmas decorations this early is just wrong. It ruins the whole spirit of the thing by making it last too long, I bet they have their tree up till easter too.

Bah humbug.

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