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Sunday stroll

I’m pretty sure one of the main reasons for Sundays, is to go on a dog walk. We found a new lake today, bit cold for a dip but it looked impressive all the same.

Stress? A little.

My road trip(s) are over I’ve already started work, and I’m in the process of buying a house.  I have a move in date of only 2 weeks away and its far enough out-of-town that I also need to by a car. Quickly.  I’ve never bought a house before, but it’s not the spending money that I find stressful, more the fact that I appear to winging the whole process.

I try to think of more serene moments in my life, like a lot of the road trip and some of the lakes.

Fires, nearly moons & glacial lakes

Not a lot has been happening at the moment for me to blog about.  The forest fire went out, and then started up again, and I think that it’s now out again.  About 30mins drive up the road they are all on evacuation warning so I’m hoping I can sit tight and the next few days rain will help take care of it, well that and the firemen. 

Yes its forecast to rain.

Why?  Because I have a couple of days of work and that’s what mother nature has decided to do to me. 

I had hoped to have a glorious picture of the moon dramatically positioned, poking up over the mountains to share on here but unfortunately by the time I had drove home and got my camera and got back to my vantage point by the lake the moment had passed.  Here instead is a photo that I took last week when my girlfriend and I took a trip into one of the neighboring valleys to a glacial lake.  It really doesn’t do justice to possibly the most beautiful place I have ever been;

(and it was 30 odd degrees which is why I jumped in!)