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The Mighty Ducks?

This surely gives the team name a whole new meaning


Manly jobs

I had to don my “Tim the tool man Taylor” persona today and buy a new tool to add to my growing selection.  In the end I opted to go with a budget based decision opposed to a power based, but I went in expecting to pay $300 and instead I picked up one (pictured below) for a snip at $50.

DIY projects galore to follow……

Roast Pork & Crackling

Having been an ex pat now for 3 years one of the British things I have been unable to recreate in North America is a good portion of crackling when roasting pork. This is mainly because finding a cut of pork that has enough fat still on there has been difficult.  When I did spot a piece in the butcher, it had to be bought.

I am happy to say that I managed to cook up some crackling worthy of a mention on the 6 o’clock news. To quote Felecity Cloake it was exactly like it should be and ‘a blistered top, as dry and crunchy as an autumn leaf, hiding a layer of yielding creamy fat beneath’.

Felicity’s blog post in the Guardian discusses crackling in a bit more detail ( well a lot more detail actually) and this Jamie Oliver recipe I used as a bit of a guide too. However I really did a bit of a mix of different methods to get my end result.

I could actually feel my arteries tighten as I chowed down so perhaps I’ll wait another 3 years before I do it again.

crackle rind

Keeping my eyes peeled for beaver

Get your mind out the gutter.

Hiking today near where I live I spotted the left overs from eager beavers. I didn’t spot the culprit but on a hot dry day I could see where he’d been leaving a damp trail and chewed off trees behind.

Day off

Happy day indeed when I’m not heading to the office, I’ve worked every weekend in April so I think I am due some downtime. I do have an outdoor endurance race next weekend that I haven’t done a single bit of training for, so I’m off to the gym in the hope that this one trip will miraculously make me fit.

Not likely eh.

London Marathon

I have continued my tradition of opting not to compete in any marathons this year, I would like to run in a 10k again and if I pull my finger out and do some training that may happen.  I did get sent this little pic of signs that had been put up round the London marathon route.

Beer Pic

Opposed to the beer lady in the previous post, here is one of the actual bottle you should be looking for, flanked by 2 other tasty options; Monthy Python’s Holy Grail Ale on the left &Flying Dog Brewery Kerberos Triple on the right.


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