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Yo sushi

I love sushi.

Thats the first thing you should understand.  The mix of rice, proteins and flavour delivered in little parcels of tasty goodness is brilliant.  Throw in some miso soup, gyoza, some udon noodles and any kind of hybrid dish that involves teriyaki sauce. Awesome.

Today I went to Yo sushi again for the first time in about 5 years, the absence of visits is down to the simple fact of location, as far as I know there are none in Canada, and when I am in Canada the selection of good sushi places (at least where I live) is great so I’ll normally try for something a bit more ‘local’ when on the road. Today though I was caught hungry in Heathrow’s Terminal 3 and thought I’d go for Yo.

Happy to say it was pretty good, and the restaurant model works really well for airports, quick and easy to get what you want pay and leave, and if like me you’re traveling on your own you can sit at the bar and not feel like a table hog taking up a table with 4 seats for no reason.

The little conveyor belts with their colour coded plates (for those not in the know the colour relates directly to the cost of the dish) keep me amused as I wait to see what comes along next, it almost feels as though Bruce Forsyth should be on hand to quiz you on whats already passed you by in the style of one of his family quiz shows.

If they did open one up in my home city, would I go?  Probably not as I would most likely stick to the none chain sushi houses I already like, but Its now my food stop of choice at heathrow.


Dining in Calgary: Avenue Diner

Another of Calgary’ s eateries I tried whilst in the city was Avenue Diner, a great little place that has a fantastic breakfast menu, however their lunches (such as the mac & cheese the girl beside us was eating) look incredible too. We stumbled across it having only been in the city an hour or so whilst walking down…. and getting grumpy from lack of food and coffee.

I had the ‘Ultimate Egg Sandwich’ which as I have never had a better egg sandwich actually lives up to its name. The toasted sandwich comes with basil butter spread thickly over each of the slices which I think is the secret to its awesomeness.

They also have flyers highlighting the fact that the ingredients are locally and ethically sourced meaning that I can eat there and watch Food Inc without feeling like a pawn in the food industry’s game.

The only downside is that the diner only has one co-ed bathroom, which isn’t bad in itself but becomes problematic when the lock doesn’t seem to work properly, I was caught mid pee with the door flying open my another female customer in the diner, slightly embarrassing but at least I don’t live here full time and I’m unlikely to ever see here again, the diner though, I wish I could see on a regular basis.

5 Stars

We did end up going back here for a second breakfast as it was that good, had to stand in line the second time but again it was definitely worth it, the egg bennys are fantastic.

San Diego Trip; Cafe Chloe

Even though I was only in San Diego for a few days, 1 blog post to mention what I liked and didnt like just wouldn’t do the city justice. I’ll break it down and give you a couple of things over a couple of days and that way you’re not swamped by my thoughts.

First things first, it was my second trip to San Diego and I love the city.  Great vibe, great mix of people and stuff going on, plenty of tourist stuff for a weekend getaway and I look forward to going again (my bank balance does not).

Cafe Chloe was a small eatery that my girlfriend and I tried as it was just round the corner from our hotel.We only went to for breakfast, and I wish we had more time and eaten their for dinner too.

Breakfast was first rate, the service was excellent and I basically cannot fault any aspect of our experience. I would recommend this place to anyone, I know that I will return if I’m ever in San Diego again. The staff called us a cab and then gave us tips on the Zoo (where we were headed) before giving us some advice on other local food places around our hotel that we might like.

Ask about their mimosas, they’re an awesome way to start a vacation day!

One final tip if you are heading to San Diego, get your hands on a copy of the Urbanist, its a really helpful fold out map with info on some really great shops and restaurants. Just don’t believe what they say about Lotus Thai…….its awful.

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