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When the Dark Knight met the Lion King

Someone with enough foresight, imagination and sense of humour to make me jealous put this trailer together using the audio from the new The Dark Knight Rises trailer and images from Disney’s the Lion King, and all credit to them.

It made me smile.


Dark Knight Rises, new trailer


When the first of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies was released I was pretty unfazed, I didn’t go see it while it was in the movie theatres I waited and caught it at home after months of people telling me that Batman Begins was different from most comic book adaptations.

Fast forward a couple of years and I did make the effort to see The Dark Knight when it was released to theatres, having eventually enjoyed Batman Begins, I even went so far as to see it at the IMAX.

Now, for the final part of the trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, will I go see it at the cinema?  Yeah I think I will for no other reason than to see how they have turned Catwoman into an Occupy Wall street protester as alluded to in the trailer.

Well kind of.

The Movie Another Earth

I little while back I watched Never Let Me Go and I’ve thought about it quite a bit since. I’m not really sure why, it must have struck a cord with me on some level. Today I saw a trailer for Another Earth, which I know nothing about but it seems, from the trailer, to have a similar melancholy feel to it.

Not that I’ve gone all emo but I think I’ll give it a watch.

Attack the Block Trailer

This could either be hilarious or cringe  worthy.  “Attack the Block”  is about a group of teenagers who protected their part of South London from Alien invasion.  I guess with “Cowboys & Aliens” on the horizon all bets are off as to what comes next in alien movies.

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