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Whistler opening day 2011

I wasnt born in Whistler but I used to live there, then I moved away.  Then I sat in offices staring out of windows wondering how and why I had convinced myself that I had made a good choice in leaving. So I moved back.

And then I moved away again.

I could list the pros and cons and go over in great detail the case for and against, but the bottom line is that I have love affair with one of the most beautiful wonderful places in the world, and when i see vids like the one below I become green with envy.


Mini Whistler

A great wee vid (even better tune)

If you have ever spent time in Whistler you’ll be hard pressed not to have a smile.

More Olympics, more events, more medals…

Pretty much like the title says !

Luger death makes prime time viewing

Yesterday lunch time I was at he deli counter at the local supermarket when the server mentioned that one of the Olympic athletes competing in the luge had died during a practice run.  Its a pretty small town, although currently on the world radar, its still a small town at heart.  To hear the news in a shop on a lunch break is not really that surprising, but I was a bit surprised ta the media coverage that followed.

Not that the death garnered so much coverage, more the fact that they optioned to show his death on  the news.


The guy wasnt even cold yet.   Doesnt sit right with me, I didn’t know the guy but I think that if it had been a friend of mine I would have been livid.  At a later date in reflection I could see the justification, but as it stands it seems TV networks rushed to bring ‘the shocking footage’ to viewers.

Not cool.

7000 miles (km) to Graceland (or Whistler)

I’m in a funny position, that’s funny bizarre not funny haha. After moving half way round the world to start a new job and life I have found myself unemployed and unsure what to do. The bizarre part is that for the first time that I can think of in my life what is potentially the most fun option in my current situation may actually be the most logical.

With the economy currently shafted and looking like it will be for at least 6 months, more likely a year, possibly longer, I’m thinking that maybe I should take a step off the career wagon and try and make the most of having fun with the next 6/12 months. For once that ‘having fun’ might be the best bet to secure me work in the financial down turn. My previous work was based in the service sector for the oil industry and with oil prices below $55 a barrel my type of work is not going to happen anytime soon, however a few years ago after Uni I had another job…..

Ok it’s not as exciting as the string of full stops suggests but I worked in Whistler, British Columbia for a season at one of the restaurants. The pay sucked. That’s for sure, but I had the time of my life, waking up each morning surrounded by mountains some of the best snowboarding on the planet, loads of really friendly people all with the same premise of me that they were there for a good time, not a long time and making the most of each day. I made friends that I’m still in touch with today (one of whom was the introduction to my girlfriend), tried things that I may never have done and was devastated when I had to leave (though a month traveling round the West Coast of the US helped).

The way I see it is that with the Olympics coming to BC it should (in theory) create a micro economic climate more buoyant than most places due to the Olympics. Having worked there previously I should hopefully be able to capitalize on this, hole up and weather the economic storm in a pretty good place. I don’t need much, a job doing something that provides enough cash for a roof over my head, food in the belly and a few beer tokens and I’ll be content. Doing that at my current location seems like madness, and slightly depressing, but doing it 7000 kilometers away in the mountains with the big open space and more fresh air than you can shake a stick at, I can handle.

I have no mortgage, no kids, and no dog so maybe what I do have is a brilliant opportunity?

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