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London Marathon

I have continued my tradition of opting not to compete in any marathons this year, I would like to run in a 10k again and if I pull my finger out and do some training that may happen.  I did get sent this little pic of signs that had been put up round the London marathon route.


80 Gigapixel picture of London

I came across a 80 gigapixel photograph of London today, its pretty impressive and you can check it our here.  Not only is it pretty awesome in its own right but you can also spin round as its a 360 degree photo too, and apparently is a world record.  Not too shabby.

Its made possible by stitching together 8000 individual photographs, and as such there is room for some weird looking doubles. If for example you check out the long straight road to the left of the BT tower (10 points to anyone who tells me what the name of the road is) and take a look just outside Pret a Manger you’ll spot this;

Either there is some kind of Doctor Who episode going on in London or the lady in the picture is there twice, it doesnt seem to happen much in the picture but with a keen eye you can spot them.

5 Best cities (as according to the thoughtherder)

Edinburgh. There are not many cities in the world that for me can rival the view as you stroll down Princess Street, how many others can boast a 12th century castle on the skyline.  By some standards its a pretty small city, dwarfed by its neighbor to the west with a population of just under 500,000 people, yet there still always seems to be something going on.  Highlights include the the edinburgh festival over the summer and stockbridge’s choice of shops & bars.

London.  I’ve never lived in London but came close a few years ago.  If I hadn’t moved overseas it was my fall back option and i think it would have been a pretty good one.  Having friends living in the city worked out well for trips down to visit, particularly when I could angle a meeting for either Friday or Monday and make a weekend out of it and get the flights courtesy of work for free.  I really enjoy Camden Market for stroll, the bar at the tate modern for a drink looking across at St Pauls, more restaurants than you could ever eat at and the feeling that something awesome is always going on in the city somewhere.

Vancouver. Now my ‘local’ city although I don t spend that much time there to be honest, right now I’d always rather be snowboarding and through the summer the weather seems to nice to be in a city (Stanley Park aside).  I was blown away on my first trip here by the views, where Edinburgh has the castle, Vancouver has the pacific ocean the snow topped coastal mountains, dense woodlands surrounding the city skyline.  I know I still have the best of the city to see despite my countless visits but I think that for me it will always be synonymous with new beginnings and adventures which makes it one of my top 5.

San Diego.  Only been twice but the second trip confirmed it in my top 5, my post on the Zoo and Cafe Chloe are 2 of the reasons, but I just love the overall vibe of the place. More posts will follow, but I can recommend this city for sure beaches, sunshine and weird birds, what more do you want from a city?

New Orleans. I’ve only had 1 trip to New Orleans, and that was post Katrina so i’m not sure what it was like before, but I really loved the party atmosphere and the friendliness of the people. Ok to be fair that was also time outside New Orleans traveling in Louisiana and probably shouldn’t let it reflect on the city but I cant help combine the 2 as the city trip merged into one.  I know others have been and didn’t like the brashness of the place, or the frat boy culture of bourbon street, or the fact that so many of the visitors seem to disregard their ability to use trash cans but its a party street and and it has some elements that go hand in hand i with that.  I would highly recommended drinking hurricanes and listening to the piano duals at Pat O’Brians and having brunch at the courtyard of 2  sisters listening to the live band ease you into your day with some easy tunes.

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