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5 Best cities (as according to the thoughtherder)

Edinburgh. There are not many cities in the world that for me can rival the view as you stroll down Princess Street, how many others can boast a 12th century castle on the skyline.  By some standards its a pretty small city, dwarfed by its neighbor to the west with a population of just under 500,000 people, yet there still always seems to be something going on.  Highlights include the the edinburgh festival over the summer and stockbridge’s choice of shops & bars.

London.  I’ve never lived in London but came close a few years ago.  If I hadn’t moved overseas it was my fall back option and i think it would have been a pretty good one.  Having friends living in the city worked out well for trips down to visit, particularly when I could angle a meeting for either Friday or Monday and make a weekend out of it and get the flights courtesy of work for free.  I really enjoy Camden Market for stroll, the bar at the tate modern for a drink looking across at St Pauls, more restaurants than you could ever eat at and the feeling that something awesome is always going on in the city somewhere.

Vancouver. Now my ‘local’ city although I don t spend that much time there to be honest, right now I’d always rather be snowboarding and through the summer the weather seems to nice to be in a city (Stanley Park aside).  I was blown away on my first trip here by the views, where Edinburgh has the castle, Vancouver has the pacific ocean the snow topped coastal mountains, dense woodlands surrounding the city skyline.  I know I still have the best of the city to see despite my countless visits but I think that for me it will always be synonymous with new beginnings and adventures which makes it one of my top 5.

San Diego.  Only been twice but the second trip confirmed it in my top 5, my post on the Zoo and Cafe Chloe are 2 of the reasons, but I just love the overall vibe of the place. More posts will follow, but I can recommend this city for sure beaches, sunshine and weird birds, what more do you want from a city?

New Orleans. I’ve only had 1 trip to New Orleans, and that was post Katrina so i’m not sure what it was like before, but I really loved the party atmosphere and the friendliness of the people. Ok to be fair that was also time outside New Orleans traveling in Louisiana and probably shouldn’t let it reflect on the city but I cant help combine the 2 as the city trip merged into one.  I know others have been and didn’t like the brashness of the place, or the frat boy culture of bourbon street, or the fact that so many of the visitors seem to disregard their ability to use trash cans but its a party street and and it has some elements that go hand in hand i with that.  I would highly recommended drinking hurricanes and listening to the piano duals at Pat O’Brians and having brunch at the courtyard of 2  sisters listening to the live band ease you into your day with some easy tunes.


5 Best winter Olympic events

With the winter Olympics now less than 100 days away I thought I would have a winter Olympic themed fantastic 5 on friday;

Ice Hockey.  Fast paced and physical game that can change in the blink of an eye, puts grown men on ice, gives them all sticks and then asks them not to hurt each other.  Good luck. 

Ski Jump.  Ever since Eddy the Eagle Edwards practiced on his shed roof for this event I’ve always kept an eye on it.  Must take some serious guts to hurtle down a steep hill, going flying off a ramp and hoping not to die.

Border X.  Fun to watch and fun to do, it gained infamy at the last Olympics when the US boarder (Lindsey Jacobellis)had the gold within her grasp and threw it all away by trying to perform a grab at the final jump.

Skeleton.  Again with the guts, but maybe going head first on a tray down a chute covered with ice should just be called what it is.  Crazy. 

Super G.  I’ve never watched Olympic Super G live before, or any Olympic event for that matter but once you have ski- boarded- fallen on a ski hill you realize what kind of gradient these people fly down at and at what kind of speeds.  There seems to be a common theme of guts or mental illness between winter Olympic athletes.

Runner up was snowboarder half pipe, good to watch but when so much is on the line its almost to clinical and to perfect that really watching these guys practice and trying new stuff is more fun.

5 Best coffee accompaniments

coffeeIn line with my semi regular Fantastic 5 on Friday I give you my take on the 5 most fantastic things to accompany your coffee.

Carrot cake.  Don’t think it counts as one of your 5 a day on the fruit and veg stakes but tasty and goes well with the java

Muffins.  Choc chip, blueberry or my own favorite raspberry and white chocolate,  any is good when hitting up the sugar rush between meals

The Oversized cookie.  Once upon a time the simple digestive was an institution to be dipped in a cup of tea, but with coffee shops there seems to be a veritable arms race for who can carry the largest cookie.  Expect pizza style sizes soon

Croissants.  Less choices than with muffins but plain, chocolate filled and my personally preferred option the almond filled are never better than when eaten with a latte.

Chocolate cake.  When enjoying the benefits of one type of bean, why not enjoy the antioxidant benefit of another, the cocoa bean!  Ok I may be clutching at straws for a reason by why not indulge

Runners up include biscotti as favored by many (just not me) or more coffee.  Go on it was a late night and you could do with the extra kick form an extra shot.

Any others that deserve a mention?

Fantastic 5 on Friday: Exercise

This week I have been mentally preparing for the fact the that I need to get myself back in shape.  As as motivational nudge in my slightly gelatinous ribs I have used this weeks Fantastic 5 on Friday to remind myself why, with the 5 best reasons to exercise. 

Better sleep. The most important of all the reasons for me as I’m a really light sleeper, and part time insomniac. A swim, run or even just a decent walk during the day makes such a difference in helping me switch off when my head hits the pillow. You can be mentally tired beyond belief but without a bit of physical fatigue you’re not going to achieve the same quality of a snooze.

Live longer. Ok a notwithstanding a terrible accident whilst you exercise (BASE jump and it as exercise at your own risk!) the health benefits are well documented of the improvement and health to individuals who partake in regular exercise. It’s not about running marathons daily, just doing something that works the heart and lungs a little bit will pay dividends as the years roll along.

If you don’t want to live longer, then this probably isn’t the blog for you.

Look better. Love maybe blind but the share holders at Victoria’s Secret seem to be profiteering through the recession none the less. The bottom line is no matter how much we tell each other that were are not shallow enough to care about looks on some level we do. What I will say is that we all have our take on what is a god body shape and there is a world of difference between someone who mutilates themselves with plastic surgery and steroids to try and obtain beauty and someone who realizes that slightly less overhang on their jeans looks a touch better when they want to look good.

Not forgetting the fact they are fresher faced from a good night’s sleep as mentioned in 1 😉

More motivation and energy. Seems somewhat backwards and unrealistic to say that by doing more you end up with more energy and motivation but its true. The most productive I have ever been in my life was when I was training for a 10k.

Sense of achievement. Whether it is good old fashioned ‘lighter on the scales’ you are looking for or maybe it’s just moving the belt notch in one as the body weight is better distributed through your frame, maybe its shaving some time off a specific distance that at one stage you never thought you would be able to run/cycle/row.

The moment you do reach that goal is a great sense of achievement and as at the end of the day whatever help you have been given fundamentally YOU have achieved it and deserve all the praise you give yourself.

5 Stupid things I did as a child

Fantastic 5 Friday

This weeks list is something a little more personal;

Played with matches. Fire engines followed

Not listened. When they said “it’s your first time on a motorbike, stay on the road.”  I thought the dirt track in the forest was a better idea, blood and pain where the consequence.

Tried to prove a stupid point. By hanging upside down on a steel rope over concrete to ‘prove’ it was secure. Ouch.

Stood drinking from a bottle of juice behind a closed door. It didnt stay closed and it cost me a tooth, though amazingly painless.

Licked snow of a picnic table. There was more than just snow on there….

And the runner up as it didn’t seem to fit the theme of the others;

Not believed him. When in my first day of high school the head teacher said “Before you know it you’ll be finished here and in the big wide world out there”.

So true.

Fantastic 5 on Friday -Simpsons quotes

Another week has passed and on to another Fantastic 5 on Friday. 

Unfortunately I’m still on a dodgy internet connection so I have to continue with a bare and pictureless blog.  I’ll get the place looking a bit more colorful when I’m home. 

This week Simpsons quotesHomer


Homer:  Well, crying isn’t gonna bring him back…unless…your tears smell like dog food.  So you can either sit there crying and eating can after can of dog food until your tears smell enough like dog food to make your dog come back or you can go out there and find your dog.

Bart: Your right!

Homer: Rats, I almost had him eating dog food then


 Bart: Dad, is this art or is it vandalism? 

 Homer: That’s for the courts to decide.


Oh, meltdown. It’s one of those annoying buzzwords. We prefer to call it an unrequested fission surplus. – Mr Burns


Hi, my name’s Moe. Or as the ladies like to refer to me, ‘hey you in the bushes’  – Moe


There’s nary an animal alive that can outrun a greased Scotsman! – Groundskeeper Wullie


There are of course far too many to mention, and a show that has been running for so many years but there are a few gems that spring to mind.  Any others I should have in the mix?

Fantastic 5 on Fridays 80’s nostalgia movies

With Friday fast coming to an end and the fact that I have failed to keep up with my Fantastic 5 on Fridays I bring you Fantastic 5 on Friday’s late edition.

Tonight’s topic 80’s kids movies!

I’m coming at this less from the angle of purely good movies from the 80’s but movies that you watched as a child of the 80’s on a rainy bank holiday. In order to make the list you have to be a single movie and have no be part of a trilogy (apologies to Indiana Jones and Marty McFly & Mr Miyagi) and not have been rereleased as part of special edition anniversary set or similar.

This in essence means I ruled out the first 2 films down in ET and the Goonies, but they were just too straight forward anyway.

In no particular order the Fantastic 5 on Fridays 80’s nostalgia movies;

 Harry and the Hendersons    – All the way back in 1987 when this came out and I actually still remember seeing it in the cinema.  The thing I remember most is post movie being in the bathroom and another kid asking me if I liked the movie, I said yeah and he agreed.  He then proceeded to tell me that his favourite bit was when the guy took out his knife and slashed the tyres on the car!?!  I’m guessing that kid is now in jail.

 Flight of the navigator – Who didn’t love flight of the navigator? The tale of a kid who falls into a ravine and ‘wakes up’ 8 years later to find the whole world around him has aged and changed whilst he is still the same.  He then becomes a guinea pig for NASA, meets Sarah Jessica Parker and decides to jump aboard a space craft and become friends with its CPU called Max.  Obviously.

DARYL  – I mainly remember thinking the main kid in this movie was annoying (perhaps I wasn’t alone and that’s why he doesn’t work in movies anymore) although the film was great as a child.  The general premise is that the military build a robot child (D.A.R.Y.L. stands for Data Analyzing Robot Youth Lifeform) and set him loose to live in middle America with an unsuspecting family.  The movie is basically the hi jinx that this produces with an undertone of “what will we do when robots can think for themselves

Explorers – The movie that first brought Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix to our screens was this tale of 3 boys and their adventure into space, I haven’t seen it in a long time but  I remember thinking it was great at the time.

 Watership down –  Ok I’ll be honest this one is technically a 70’s movie and was made before I was even born, however it did play many times through the 80’s on TV when I was a nipper and I remember being freaked out and slightly disturbed by some of the scenes even though it animation about rabbits.  For me John Hurt and Richard Briers have 2 of the best voices for telling stories that I have ever heard. 

Those that nearly made the list and aren’t mentioned in the apologies above are Short Circuit, The boy who could fly, Monster squad and the never-ending story (original).

 Anything I should change?

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