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“On the road again”update

I ended up getting an upgrade to business class for my flight, so it wasn’t so bad after all. Love it when that happens.

If only I didn’t have to spend time in the jumped up shopping mall that is heathrow terminal 5 and it would have been perfect.


On the road again

I travel with work pretty regularly and often get to go to some interesting places, although I’ve been home for a while now and I’ve got out of the ‘groove’ of regular international travel.

This trip is not looking interesting, I’m not heading anywhere new or exciting, insteadI’m going back to a city I used to live in. It would be made a lot more positive if I was going to have the chance to catch up with old friends but unfortunately my days are looking pretty busy with work, and that’s what pays the bills.

I guess overall I’m not feeling that motivated for it, but then it’s 10pm on a Sunday night and the next 12 hours will be filled with trying (most likely unsuccessfully) to get some sleep whilst sitting in a chair next t a complete stranger.


Little to say but a lot to do

Busy.  Thats the best summary of my life at the moment, I feel like I have been playing catch up on life for the last month or so.  Its not been a great feeling and for some reason, despite all appraisals to contrary I convinced myself teh company I work for were going top fire me for no good reason.  So yeah, its been a bit stressful.

I’m currently sitting at the airport though waiting out a snow storm and once its passed I get to fly of and think about nothing more than what tshirt I am wearing to the beach for a week.


Ahem, I mean which tshirt each day, c’mon 1 tshirt for an entire week?

I’m busy. Kind of.

After my marathon 40 odd hours of non stop flying I did reach the other side of the world, but jumping between hotels, being busy with work, and trying out as many microbreweries as possible has left little time for blogging.  On the plus side I’m managing to hide from cold winter weather as I keep busy in the southern hemisphere, on the downside I like winter. Doh.

The other major issue is that my trip is over running already and unless I get some good fortune (and soon) I’ll be away from home over Christmas which wasn’t on the cards when I left. For me personally I don’t mind missing Christmas too much, but I hate the idea of leaving my other half home alone.

Maybe I should have been embracing the early Christmas fever this year, I don’t think I’ll see much of it on the Indian Ocean.

Kind words from a colleague

Having suffered a few days of a heavy cold I woke up this morning with my best sleep in about a week, I went to bed early, only woke up a couple of times through the night coughing, and was still asleep when my alarm went off.

When I got into work I was feeling good to be on the mend and positive about the day ahead, the first person I spoke to however welcomed me with “Holy shit you’re looking pale, you feeling alright?”.  Perhaps a false dawn on the road to recovery.


March plans; get fit, get rich, get organized

March is nearly here and I need to take stock and do a bit of planning.

My girlfriend is keen for the 2 of us to run a 10k this year, something I’ve not done since 2007 and at the moment I’m a long way off being fit enough to consider it.  Cue action point 1;

  • Get fit(ter)

I had plans last year to get my finances sorted and make the step into becoming a home owner, something that I had sidestepped before as it just wasn’t suitable with the amount of moving about the globe I was doing.  Then when I was looking at houses with a view to buy I got made redundant.   When the cash flow stops, buying a house becomes a moot point. Action point 2;

  • Get some kind of longer term budget together

Lastly and perhaps the most pertinent of the 3 is the fact that after being made redundant I decided to take a year away from my career, do a lot of snowboarding, watch the Olympics and take it easy.   That year is now about up the Olympics all but over and I have to decide whether or not I’m going to continue with the slackers lifestyle I have created for myself or get back in the throws of the corporate world.  And if the decision is yes, what I am going to do, and where am I going to do it?

It makes my head spin when I consider the possibilities, this time last year I had no idea I would be here, I have no clue where I will be next year but knowing where I want to be will be a start.   Time to put on the big boy pants and get my shit together. Action point 3;

  • Get organized

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