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To tip or not to tip, thats the question

A wee conundrum this morning. My washing machine that we inherited with the house when we moved in, died early this week.  It had been causing problems for a while so we had started budgeting to replace it at some point in 2012, but then it went to silicon heaven earlier than we anticipated.

On the plus side it tied in well with the Black Friday sales (they spill over into Canada too) which meant I we got a stonking deal with $500 off. Not too shabby.

But back to the point of the post, the guys coming to deliver (from Sears) were also installing the new one and taking the old one away. So do you tip?  If I still lived in the UK the answer would be a flat no, an offer of a cup of tea or coffee would be about it. If I lived in the States I think the answer would be yes, but this is Canada. The place where traditions from all over the world come toe to toe with North American consumer etiquette and muddle together.

If its food service then yeah, its a no brainer but I’ve paid extra for delivery and unlike some food service businesses these guys will be on a set wage that doesn’t take tipping into account as part of their earning.

So what did I do?  I did what everybody does in similar situations – I asked Google. Unfortunately my Google search came back with a mix and match of different opinions and comments and still I had no definitive answer. By this point I had offered the guys drinks if they wanted them, they didn’t as they had their own in the truck but they were both very friendly, chatty and seemed more intent on getting the job done and on to the next.

I think that was they key, they were friendly. If they had a face like thunder I would have shrugged and gone back to my morning but the friendly manner and how quickly they were getting on with the task in hand, combined with the blog comments by delivery guys that I’d read as part of my Google search who said that they really appreciate any tips although dont expect them made up my mind. I was going to tip.

Yeah, I really wish I had checked to see if I had any cash BEFORE I made up my mind that I was tipping.  I didn’t ask but I think trying to tip 2 delivery guys with a credit card would be difficult. What ensued was a frantic search for some notes (I feel weird about tipping with coins, not that I more than pennies anyway) and ended up with $15 US left over from a trip down there earlier in the year. Its not really what I had in mind, but it did give me what I need which was a monetary token of my thanks.

I signed the paper work and as we stood at the door I made comment that I didn’t know if it was the done thing to tip or not, but here was a thank you and they should subsidize their lunch on me. I should say that because of the amount of US tourists that come here most places accept the cash so its not like they wouldn’t be able to spend it.

They didn’t shed any light on whether or not it is the standard thing to receive tips, but they were visibly grateful with a couple of broad smiles and a genuine “thank you very much”.




Whistler opening day 2011

I wasnt born in Whistler but I used to live there, then I moved away.  Then I sat in offices staring out of windows wondering how and why I had convinced myself that I had made a good choice in leaving. So I moved back.

And then I moved away again.

I could list the pros and cons and go over in great detail the case for and against, but the bottom line is that I have love affair with one of the most beautiful wonderful places in the world, and when i see vids like the one below I become green with envy.

More Olympics, more events, more medals…

Pretty much like the title says !

Horse’s ass & Canada Day

I missed my usual wordless Wednesday post, but here is Thoughtherders Thursday post.  I took this pic of a Mountie on his horse on Canada day and I don’t know if its the norm for the Royal Canadian Mounties but I thought it was kinda cool that they give the horse a funky cut in the shape of a maple leaf.


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