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San Diego Zoo pic

The best thing I saw all day;

San Diego

Decided to take the trip to San Diego but already on my way home.

Fantastic city, pics to be shared when I get home proper.

Grilled Cheese Please

The other day I was passing through our neighboring town when I spotted “Grilled Fromage” a new little cafe/restaurant that has recently opened.   I had heard rumors that it was the mecca for all grilled cheese (cheese toastie for the Brit in me) lovers so I thought I would go in and check it out.

A bright and eclectic decor is rounded off nicely with an old school atari (complete with asteroids), random LP sleeves on the walls and a large cartoon man on the wall with a speech bubble proclaiming “first you get the cheese, then you get the power, then the women”.  I’m sure big Al Pacino would love it, even if its not quite right.

Then main reason for a visit though is to try one of their 54 types of grilled cheese.  Thats right 54. Mine “the big cheese” came complete with bacon, chicken, bell peppers and of course cheese.  Each of the different toasties is given a name that somehow links in to its filling, a few of the selection can been viewed on their website.

Grab the lube big boy

My car is sick.

There are some crazy noises coming from the front left of the car, so much so that now it’s a head turner for all the wrong reasons.  Ok it’s never been a head turner for the right reasons since I bought it but its more functional than anything else.  Too old to be contemporary, to new to be a classic, in that grey spot somewhere between.

A colleague tells me that because of the cold weather (we hit -18C a few times this week!) the bushings need lubed up as they are rubbing, he says it an easy fix.  Hopefully.  I’ve got no mechanic friends out here and fear the garage bill if it goes in……..

The one that got away; The Edge of Never

The film festival is done and dusted for another year.  I saw some good movies, would have liked to have seen more and unfortunately the one I wanted to see most I missed out on. The movie is called The Edge of Never and is a documentary based on 15year old Kye Peterson.  The official blurb;

In 1996, extreme-skiing legend Trevor Petersen was killed in Chamonix, France. Nine years later, skiing icon Glen Plake decides it’s time for Trevor’s 15-year-old son, Kye, to ski the route that killed his father and join the tribe of big-mountain skiers. In this thrilling documentary, three generations of skiers mentor Kye as he attempts to finish his father’s final run. A ripping adventure tale of a young man coming of age, The Edge of Never is also a rich and subtle portrait of men and women who live big in the face of their greatest fears.

Due to other commitments I couldn’t go to the closing gala where it was being screened, however I know I’ll see it sometime soon as it about a local boy so it will be on again post festival for sure, Trevor’s memory is still very much alive in town and stickers adorned with “Trevor would have done it” can be spotted all over the place.

A wee taster of what it’s all about;

A quick film festival review…….

A managed to catch a few movies yesterday afternoon, mainly shorts.  I still have the pass (score!) so I may get some more in this avo.

From what I watched the 3 that stood out (all shorts) were;

Big headTen-year-old Billy is mercilessly teased at school because he has a large cranium. He learns that one of his classmates has found a way to get a new nose, so he decides to do everything he can to modify his own perceived flaw. This dark comedy rings true for every kid who was bullied for something that was not wrong with them. 

Great short film and the young actors involved all handle their parts great.  I don’t know why it just really struck a chord with me.

Tucker.  I really didn’t think I was going to like this one in the opening couple of minutes as it seemed a bit awkward, but once it got into its flow (not long in) I really enjoyed it.  A little bit Benjamin Button esq, this tale sees the creation, birth, teenage, middle age and old age of Tucker in the space of one night at a party which his teenage mother has thrown while her mum is out of town.

Short Term 12. Where the other 2 movies listed above had a serious point but laugh out loud moments Short Term 12 was defiantly more on the serious side.  It takes you on a insight into the residential housing for children who have been affected by child abuse and neglect.   Honest but not preachy, it’s a great film.  This was the only one where I recognized a cast member, Brad William Henke (from Lost).

I would recommend each of them and as they are shorts, if you don’t like them no problem they don’t last long!

Film festival in town for a few days

There is a film fest in town and I’ve scored a free pass.  Sweet.

The company I work for sponsors the event and as everyone is busy I’m holding on to the pass until someone asks for it back.  I have an afternoon with no plans so I figure I’ll just watch as much as possible and hopefully see something I enjoy and that I wouldn’t necessarily have picked out normally.

Fingers crossed.