A night of standup comedy

I went to an amateur stand up night recently, didn’t catch the whole show as I was waiting on my meal to arrive at a nearby restaurant for around a millennium.  Hey ho, it tasted good when it finally arrived and as the guy working the door at the comedy club had already wandered down stairs to catch the show himself I saved the admission fee.  Every cloud eh.

Of the 4 acts that I saw I think that the worst of them had the potential to best, blatantly suffering from less stage time than the others he’s still finding his rhythm but his material and humour was superior to the others. Reasons;

  • Stand up guy 1. Although funny, too much of his humour was based around delivering lines in a camp baby voice that would have been funny once but most of the time it made no sense to be using it with the lines. He just knew it sounded a bit funny so kept using it.
  • Stand up guy 2.  Couple of funny lines but was always on a downward spiral after he tried to inject some BNP style humour to the evening.  Not really good enough to entertain some drunken people at a bus stop let alone a room in a comedy venue.
  • Stand up guy 3. Stage presence was down cold, obviously used to the circuit but had no links between one part of his humour and the next.  Also had a lot of anger issues and after threatening to ram the mic stand up some guys ass continued to tell him to fuck off even when there was no need. I have a sneaky suspicion I have heard some of his material before although I’ve never seen him perform……possibly the biggest of all stand up sins.

Looking forward to going to another night soon though!


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