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Desktop genius

You don’t even have to like cookies to appreciate this !

Desktop genius


2011’s greatest sports fan so far

This made me laugh, I’m a big fan of watching live sports but this guy is a big fan of making sure the team notice him.


80 Gigapixel picture of London

I came across a 80 gigapixel photograph of London today, its pretty impressive and you can check it our here.  Not only is it pretty awesome in its own right but you can also spin round as its a 360 degree photo too, and apparently is a world record.  Not too shabby.

Its made possible by stitching together 8000 individual photographs, and as such there is room for some weird looking doubles. If for example you check out the long straight road to the left of the BT tower (10 points to anyone who tells me what the name of the road is) and take a look just outside Pret a Manger you’ll spot this;

Either there is some kind of Doctor Who episode going on in London or the lady in the picture is there twice, it doesnt seem to happen much in the picture but with a keen eye you can spot them.

Banana Slug

I havent posted in a while as I’ve been on a bit of a road trip, it involved drinking, eating, laughing with friends and taking lots of photos. One of which was of this monster, known as a banana slug.

I think ‘ewwwww’ sums it up quite well.

A picture is worth a thousand words……



This made me laugh outloud.  Is it an indication of my humour?


Is it an idication of my mood?

For sure.

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