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My new garden addition

My new garden addition

While stacking wood for what now seems fast approaching cold weather I found this little guy hiding in the wood pile. He seemed content enough for me to stack would around him, but if every so often would slither off to a new piece of wood.


Dog walk wildlife

Out walking the dog the other morning I came across this fella blocking my path, with a little gentle encouragement he dissapeared back of into the long grass. Its the first ‘live’ one I’ve seen all summer, the others crossed the road at the wrong time.

I only had my iphone rather than my Nikon, but I still think it came out alright.

Wildlife in over drive

With the forest fires still raging on it seems that the wildlife has gone a bit crazy as it tries to flee the flames.  Although in the last few months of living here I have got used to seeing new animals the last 48hrs it seems to have gone into overdrive. 

Unfortunately I have missed the oppertunity to take pics of most of it as I didn’t have my camera but I have crossed paths with coyotes, bald eagles, crazy beetles, hummingbirds, a pocket gopher and a snake and I’ve not even really been looking! 

Despite all these the only thing that took a dislike to me was a bee that stunk the sole of my foot after crawling through the gaps on the wooden dock.  

It sounds pretty deep to say I have a damaged sole…

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